[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

GE Video Contest

Sword of the New World is having a video-making contest to make an official game trailer. The winners will get a set of 12 Constellation Symbols, a set of Ancient Runes (10 each), 1 selected Lv.92 exclusive elite weapon (e.g. Silver Skullic Bracer), and 1 selected character card (e.g. Grandma, ETS, ATP). The videos must be submitted by June 3, 2010. See Explore, Unite, Conquer! for contest details and video requirements.

You can make your own videos with Windows Movie Maker (included in most Windows installations) and FRAPS. See [sGE] Movie Maker Guide for the actual steps to make a GE video.

In case the game client does not offer you the required resolution, you can force the client to load a different resolution in Windows mode. It may be a bit tricky to record a video when you can't see everything on screen, but it is something you might want to test and experiment. See Windows Mode Resolution and Full Quarter Shot.

[sGE] 2009 Scene & Heard
In Jan 2009, sGE also had Scene & Heard event, requiring video entries for Valentine's Day. First prize was an Elite Le Noir (DR 32) or Constellation weapon (AR 33). Second and third prizes was a Constellation weapon.

[sGE] Constellation Special
Constellation Symbols, Expert Stance Books, and Pet Boxes have been added to Hellena's Circus of Fate until June 14, 2010. See [HCOF] Constellation Special.

Top 3 Granado Espadas
I'd just add an extra bit of interesting news. According to G1-Neume...

Currently the most successful version is the Japanese version followed by the Chinese and Korean versions. All 3 of those versions focus heavily on web based game mechanics (such as the new Sword 2: Dominus web game). The Japanese version in particular does major gambling games which we will never be able to do here due to local and federal laws. [Source]