Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Giovanni-Bach Merger

IAHGames has announced that sGE's Giovanni server (PK) will be merged into Bach server (PK). The merger date is appending announcement. See Bach-Giovanni Merger for details.

Update: The merger will be effective on June 17, 2010 (Thu). Free mercenary licenses will be given to soon-to-be-deleted duplicate families. Free family name change will be available to everyone from June 17 to July 01. For detailed instructions concerning overlapping accounts, family names, and faction names, see [World Merger] Important Things To Note.

Loading Screen Contest Winners [sGE]
On the other hand, sGE has announced the winners for Design A Loading Screen forum contest. The winners will receive Golden Archangel's Wings. See [Results] Design A Loading Screen for the winning entries, such as the one below by Summerscent of Rembrandt.

SNW Promotions
Four winners will get free ATP card in UPC Promotion - Adelina the Pirate (May 17-23). From now until August 1, buy any premium to get bonus 500 Gold in Ultimate Game Card Promotion.


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