[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Idge's Chest

Sword of the New World has released more information on the upcoming cash shop box - Idge's Chest - on Sword 2 Face Book:

Idge’s Chest will be a periodic box similar to the Portmanteaus (meaning new ones will be released over time). The individual boxes will contain a random chance to win: a Premium Wing Coupon, Primordial Pass (1 Day), Summon Friend Scroll, Survival Manual [20%] (1day), 5 EXP Card Veteran G, 5 Upgrade Accelerators, 10 Enchant Boosters or Great Stones.

The box will also feature never before released 30 AR weapons such as: the Elite Magnum, Katana, Silver Skullic Bracer, Crystal Shooter, Frozen Sword Fish, Nadachi and more. Each box will feature a chance at one of two of these weapons. Finally every box will feature a small chance at one of six 92E armors (28 DR): Elite Bone-frame Armor, Elite Rescue suit, Elite Crimal Metallic Suit, Elite Dragon coat, Elite Panthera Jaquette or Elite La Ventisca.

Our hope is that this new box will help gear up new players as well as new characters to take down more of the new content being released.

Primordial Pass should be the ticket needed to enter Caebolan premium dungeon (aka Sacred Chaos Requiem). For pictures of the Lv.92 exclusive elite weapons, see the old articles about ABS and HCOF at IAHGames: GE News.

There are also 2 other upcoming boxes - Andre's Wardrobe and Mystery Box. See Portmanteau IX, Andre's Wardrobe, Mystery Box.

[SNW] Memorial Day Contest
Post a clan screenshot with an AM on May 30, 2010 and win AM Boxes, Fairy Wings, Combat Manual, and Tactics Manual. See Memorial Day Contest for server timings and other details.