Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE Cross-World PVP

GE-Korea has released a new article - Cross-World PVP Update.

You can join Cross-World PVP from the button on the toolbar daily from 23:00-24:00 daily. You get a special PVP buff for HP +100%. There seems to be 5 rounds of fight. Win at least 2 times a day to get random reward (e.g. EXP Cards) based on rank.

You may not change equipment once the match begins, so all weapons/armors must be worn before the fight. You have no inventory during PVP. No potion, no ancient star orb, etc. - skills are still usable.

Bounty Hunter Missions: Monster levels and difficulty have been changed. Rewards are changed to roulette system.

Torsche's Mansion Basement: A special buff will be changed from 1 min to 3 min. Victor has been reduced to 2. A treasure chest will be generated, which can be opened with a token from Bounty Hunter Guild. Reward system changed to roulette.

Arsene's Secret Vault: Boss of Secret Vault changed to a powered-up Helena. Arsene's Key no longer drops in Arsene's Circus missions (?). Celine in Secret Vault drops the item.

Several cash shop items are now tradable, including Wings Coupon, Premium Dungeon Passes, Home Premium Service, and Otite Perfume. A new instant recovery drop - Jelly (HP +2000, SP +250) - has also been added to premium dungeons.

A short screenshot preview of the next part of Castilla.


Maki said…
oh fuck yes tradeable GP items! i want >:3