Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Portmanteau VIII

Portmanteau VIII has been added to the cash shop in Sword of the New World to replace Portmanteau VII. The new boxes include the following:
  • Camarylis Costume (mus) - Karj's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Milky Bob Hair (Grace) - Karj's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Pierrenoente Costume (fig) - Andre's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Pierrenoente Hat (fig) - Andre's Portmanteau VIII only
  • Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)
  • Fairy Wings (90 days)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • EXP Cards
  • Angler Spinelle
  • Pet Box (Panpan)
  • Great Stones

ETS & Rune Ar Promotions
Buy Gold during May 10-16, 2010 to get 10 Andre's Portmanteau II (incl. Rose Camellia, Black Samurai Armor) free and stand a chance to win Emilia the Sage card1. Also, when you buy 25 Upgrade Accelerators from cash shop, you will get a free Ancient Rune Ar. See UPC Promotion: Emilia the Sage and Ancient Rune Ar Promotion for details.

1 There will only be 1 winner for ETS. With the upcoming patch, ETS won't be so over-powered anyway. Why is there a need to limit it to 1 winner out of all 3 servers... when BSI promotion have at least 4 winners?


Amalielle said…
Because ETS is a shank, and no body care about her >.<!!!
Balbaseda said…
That's not true she is useful! :O