Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 90: Virgo

It's more of the same, as the experts continued to train in Western Underground Cave and Errac Tierra Dias. Thelandira (f/mus), Adorabelle (f/ele), and Athena (f/fig) reached Expert Lv.8. One ping test during a lag spike this week was 213.0s... I'm getting bored and annoyed at the game.

Adorabelle (f/ele) looted Symbol of Virgo (!) and 2 Symbols of Pisces from 14 Team Arenas. Aquarius is the only missing symbol now. Nothing special came out of Arsene's Circus (again) this week, but Miata (Lv.69 Claire) managed to loot a Symbol of Taurus, after summoning 18 Dios Latemns, 25 Treasure Golems, and 23 Chimeras in the low-level dungeons. Refining 8 Red and 8 Yellow Rough Stones yielded only 1 Spodumeme and 1 GQ Obsidian.

The family finally won the firecracker bid for their first Lightning Gate weapon after a raid in the Silent Maze. I have always liked the look of this great sword, so it's just too bad that its base ATK is kind of lame. Still trying to get a Ice Gate weapon, but the raids seldom happen during my active time. Bleh, I guess that's the problem when you chose to play on a server with a big time zone difference.


Almontri said…
Congrats on Virgo and your spiffy new sword!
Amalielle said…
OH loook! i'm your 90,000 hits, server still down :(. Thao Thao is looking for Kitty Rawr, get on it please :o!