[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 2

G1 has revealed the thing-which-must-not-be-named ("Voldemort") for Sword of the New World. This new update, Sword 2, will be released this Summer. It will include:
  • Update to v4.1, including instanced raids, new colony war, new costumes, mail system, etc.
  • Official release of promotional characters - ATP, BSI, STF, ICP, and ETS.
  • Complete revamp of Lv.1-20 of the game.
  • New cash shop box - Idge's Box, which will drop recipes/ingredients for some of the "nicest" weapons, new/old costumes, and some "hot" characters.
  • Collector's Edition retail box and possibly a digital edition, including a character, a pet, and other stuffs.
  • New European PvE server and potentially new international PvP server. Both will have 1 channel with an initial increased EXP rate.
There will be a closed beta in Evora server and open beta in the 3 live servers. See Next Major Update: Sword 2 for details. See G1: Sword 2 for the teaser page.

Sword 2: Renaissance
The next update will be coming this Fall, with UI changes and 3 new characters - Sorceress Emilia, Catherine Torsche and Asoka. It also comes with major changes to to the upgrade system, Faction Wars and MUCH more.

A new web game Sword 2: Dominus will also be released this Fall, allowing players to win "amazing" weapons, armors, costumes, and more. (My guess is that these are probably the special edition AR30 Lv.92 elite weapons like Silver Skullic Bracer, Elite Magic Broom, etc.)

A New Game Or Not?
It seems like some people are confused by the name. Sword 2 is basically v4.1 update. It is NOT a completely new game, in the sense Final Fantasy VIII is a different game from Final Fantasy VII. This means it doesn't have a new gaming engine and you do not need to create a new family and re-do from start. The common naming conventions (c.f. Civilization, Final Fantasy, etc.) will suggest it is a new game, but well, it isn't. IMO, this name just adds unnecessary confusion.

Why A Name Change?
G1-Neume clarified the issue...

I think a lot of people are missing a major reason for the change. Sword of the New World and Granado Espada are both trademarks owned by imcGAMES. This has led to numerous issues in the past. We own Sword 2 (and have for a while now). Being ours it allows us to make deals we have been unable to secure in the past. Additionally it gives us legal strength to go after other companies who may try to use our name for their own purposes. If we include Granado Espada we can no longer own the name. So there are a lot of specific choices we've made in that light.1


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