Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Magic Circle V

GE-Korea has updated Magic Circle for April 29 to May 12, 2010. Other rewards include Asoka character card, 100 Ring Boxes, Ixia costume set (Grace), and La Fleur Écarlate costume set (f/ele).

Blue Serpent Costume (m/cos) - 남자 스카우트 블루 서펜트 코스튬
Blue Serpent Costume (f/sco) - 여자 스카우트 블루 서펜트 코스튬

More screenshots are available at kGE Screen Board. See 스카우트 신상 앞/뒤, 그레이스 베르넬리 신상 앞/뒤, and 워록 신상 앞/뒤.

sGE: Draconic Weapons
As a side note, Draconic1 Weapons (AR32 weapons from jGE's Coimbra Shuffle and Imperial Wheel) will soon be added to sGE. See Lorenza's GE Blog for details. The exact method of acquisition is not yet revealed, but my guess is that they will be in Hellena's Circus of Fraud Fate.

1 The adjective for dragon is draconic, not dragonic. Correct jGE's erroneous translations please...