Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[ABS] Draconic Weapons

Draconic Weapons (AR32, first seen in jGE Coimbra Shuffle and Imperial Wheel) will be added to sGE's Adelina's Booty Search. During May 14-21, the new weapons are Dragon's Fury Javelin and Dragon's Fury Rifle. See [ABS] Dragonic Weapons have arrived! for details.

There is also a promotion for buying iCash cards from iEcon in Singapore. See iEcon's Scratch and win with $60 iCash!.

Items Coming To Sword 2
Some of the items mentioned in Sword 2 Preview have received further clarifications by G1-Neume. The "92E items" mentioned below are most likely to be the jGE ones, such as Crystal Shooter, Frozen Marlin Javelin, Silver Skullic Bracer, etc. The "32AR items", if made available, will mostly likely be the Draconic Weapons mentioned above.

It really is too early to talk about this yet. Most of what we are talking about will not be the best of the best items. Most likely we're looking at 92E items which will become more prevalent in Sword 2 due to other changes. We're still in deep discussion with imc and HBS about how they want to do this. We agreed to try it at least for a short term and with the coming changes in Sword 2 we don't feel that 32AR items will drastically change the game. Especially at the rates imc is talking about.1