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Sometimes, you might want to find out the latency between your client and the server. This is where ping comes in. For v3.4+ clients, you can ping the server in-game by typing /pingtest into the chat window. The resulting number is the number of seconds it takes to send and receive the data.


The following is a wonderful ping result for Orpesia server during one of the random lag spikes... Yes, it's a glorious 72 seconds! My characters were literally just standing there and getting hit for over a minute. I want to use an Ancient Area Pass today, but with this kind of connection, I wonder if I should even bother...



Bahamar marhs is the most laggest location in the game, imho. Leveling in 110-112 was hard because character nothing do.

I test my ping test here http://www.whoisxy.com/ at free of cost...