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SNW 32: Going On Hiatus

Nothing much happened this week. I barely login, since the persistent problems with Sword of the New World pretty much made me lose confidence about the future of the game. It seems like the servers are now stable, but there is still no word about updates, unless you accept Soon™ as an answer. Since I won't be online much, the family left Telos clan. I was getting tired of all the inter-clan drama as well. I'd probably remain inactive until K2 gets their act together... or maybe just AFK all the way in Ancient Area.

Anyway, the veterans farmed a bit at Katovic Snowfield for more Cabbages, also finding Glacial Lily, Parade Riposte Ring, Peace Insignia, Head of Mantis, Outlaw's Cigar, Zebra Skin, and Shaft Hammer Recipe. It took 6 tries to process the first socket on Bracelet of Leviathan, costing 110,500 vis each. So the GQ Zircon was finally added to the bracelet.

I got hold of an SGE account (Lv.20 family) from a previous faction-mate who quitted, and was messing around with it. Lv.92 elite armor recipes are cheap in SGE. Since I'm tired of trying to trade ELV for EMS in SNW, I crafted Elite Metallic Suit for the expert fighter there. SGE Rembrandt is undergoing deflation, although cash shop items are still more expensive than those in SNW Orpesia. Vis seems hard to make there, as everyone is selling, but few if any are buying.


Synide said…
sorry to here your leave D:. but about the sge account your extremely lucky to have that. :D go luck ash with everything
Vana said…
Yea...This drama crap is annoying for sure. If only people would man up...

Anywayz, I also have an account in sGE! I might join you if I can remeber my password.. :)
mooferz said…
Sorry to see you go Ash. Aside from Gay2 and their lack of updates, it's really hard to find an MMO where drama won't get to you but eventually it seems to find its way in. .-.

G'luck in your future endeavors.
Ashardalon said…
I'm kinda just waiting for K2 to get their act together. If SNW ever updates again (now I'm not so sure it would), I will evaluate again based on the situation.

Have fun, guys.