[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

SNW 30: Hero's Seals

The veterans continued farming in Katovic Snowfield and finally collected enough materials for Trace of Cruelty quest and for Garcia. I'm not sure if I can endure farming a 3rd set for Selva. Maybe I should abandon Trace of Cruelty quest and get another player to use the 2 sets of materials to make 2 Katovic Soups instead. They also found Grim-Wight and Elite Laranja e Preto Recipe there.

The experts looted Elite Robe of Uranus and Elite Sniper Rifle from Bellem's Relics. Anahita (f/sco) won Mystery Box x1 from Scavenger Hunts and Mystery Box x5 plus Triumph Filler x80 from Hydroponics' Quitting Events. For her hunting efforts, Anahita (f/sco) was finally promoted to Veteran status. Then with the help of some friendly farmers, the family looted 2 Hero Seals from Battle Colosseum to prepare for Selva's quests.

There was 1 mass disconnection and 1 emergency maintenance experienced this week. The family went offline for a day, only to return and find that the Orpesia market has crashed yet again. Meanwhile, the war continued with the bunch of semi-quitters and AFK PK-ers from Illier clan. This nuisance is getting annoying. Here's a cheesy quote from Fritz:


AutumnFae said…
WOW Fritz is Yoda!
Almontri said…

Why is Fritz Yoda D: