Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

sGE 02: Hatching Pets

The family investigated the Toubkal Plateau in Abertal, Via Fluvial, and Deprimida Valley for the Plateau Investigator.

Alicia (f/ele) was promoted to veteran status. To ease her expert grind, Expert Combat Manual (EXP +100%) was activated for 30 days. Training along with Viki and sometimes Romina, she reached Veteran Lv.3 by the end of the week. While leveling in Via Fluvial, she looted a Healing Ring and witnessed a few PK fights as ALL STAR and Eminence faction members continued to slaughter each other in an all-out war.

After using 38 chips, her Elite La Ventisca finally got DR+3. The family also hatched 2 pets - Cthulhu (Pilfurr, aka Poppet) and Eidolon (Broomy, aka Moppet). They probably won't be used as much though, since pet food is somewhat expensive here.

Alicia overlooks Eidolon hatching with her ELV and Silver Skullic Bracer.