Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v3.5.04 Update

Korean GE has introduced v3.5.04. See here for details in Japanese.

  • New colony game, rewarding millions of feso. See also cGE article.
  • New cash shop dungeon accessible from Tierra Putrefacta (aka Caebolan). The boss drops Lv.96 elite armor recipes and constellation signs.
  • Master's Martial Arts stance added.
  • Lv.96 elite armors (DR29) added.
  • Skill point re-allocation is possible with new cash shop item (also available in feso shop).
  • Maximum enhancement boosters (aka upgrade accelerators) has been reduced. For e.g., Lv.92 elite weapons and Lv.92 elite armors require 12 and 15 boosters respectively instead of 20 boosters for full 200% boost.
  • Item name added to warning notices for enhancing (aka upgrading) and socketing.
  • Maximum family level extended from 50 to 55.
  • Pet box for cat (buffer) added to feso shop.
  • Some mini-maps were updated.


mooferz said…
It's about time MA's got something new. I'm wondering is that gonna be for all MA's? Since it doesn't have a specific single element.
Manny said…
Woah! That's a lot of stuff there, buddy! :D Looking forward to leveling my martial artists to get that stance.

But wait... Is that for Veterans or Experts?
Ashardalon said…
I think the link above mentioned master promotion, and you must complete Gascon's (aka Gertrude) and Gracielo's recruitment quests.
Lee said…
Yea, finally Martial Artist get some love.