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Golden Apple

The Golden Apple is an element that appears often in several myths.

Hippomenes used 3 golden apples he received from Aphrodite to distract Atalanta in a competitive race. By winning the race, he won her hand in marriage. They were eventually turned into lions as punishment for having sex in a sacred temple.

The golden apples also featured in the 11th labor of Hercules. The apples grew in the Garden of Hesperides, guarded by the dragon Ladon. The orchard grew from the wedding gift from Gaea to Hera. Ladon was eventually killed and the apples stolen by Hercules.

The golden apple was also the Apple of Discord, with the inscription "for the fairest one". Three goddesses claimed the apple: Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. This resulted in the Judgment of Paris, wherein the goddesses tried to bribe him with kingship (Hera), wisdom (Athena), and the most beautiful woman (Aphrodite). Paris chose Aphrodite to receive Helen as his wife, leading to the start of the Trojan War.