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SNW Update ETA May-June

Sword of the New World has been on v2.9.1 patch for a long time. Finally, K2-Raven provided some information today on the updates. Some good news at last.

So I ask the question, when 3.0 patch will be implemented in Sword?
I am anticipating release of this patch by the end of May on the higher end.

What is 'soon' if you're talking about v3.0 coming out?
3 months from now!!!!!!

ETA on 3.0, wuts k2 doin, etc. You know the QQ drill.
ETA should be 3 months from now. Working on the patch and exploits.

It is now near the end of March, so "3 months from now" will push it to late June. Since K2-Raven sorta gave 2 dates, I take it to mean that the patch is expected in late May (if early) or late June (if late). See Recent Server Issues forum topic for more information, e.g. premiums and duping.

Amazing. They actually managed to do more than just Soon™. Somebody gives K2-Raven a cookie.


Lee said…
In SGE, 3.2.4 is slated to be released on 8 April. Just a heads up :)