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sGE v3.2 News

According to Kaioujin in Summer Magic forum thread (pages 22-23), v3.2 patch will be coming to SGE, tentatively in April:

We're trying to get a lot of new costumes for you guys but now IMC's busy preparing V3.2 for sGE. But those costumes are definitely coming.

Tentatively in April. Nice update for PvP fans though I reckon.

The following contents on v3.1 and v3.2 are taken from 散歩道. Actual content for SGE may differ.

What To Expect In v3.1?
  • Daily event missions using reputation points.
  • MCC buff. See Combination Buff.
  • Web controller.
  • Raw materials for Lv.36-68 elite recipes modified.
  • Screaming of Spirits timing modified.
  • Pigling pet added.
  • New stock character costumes.
  • Reputation reward for Secret Guard increased by 33%.
  • +5/+6 expert impervium (aka lacquer) added to cash shop.
  • Price of general/veteran impervium reduced.
  • Andre's Costume Box and Karja's Vanity Box removed, and replaced by Back Costume Box, Body Costume Box, RNPC Head Costume Box, and Stock Head Costume Box.

What To Expect In v3.2?
  • Team Arena for PvP added. See The One About Team Arena and Survive the Team Arena.
  • Event mission times (e.g. Super Fight) modified.
  • Panda pet added, and pet box added to Feso Shop.
  • 7th barrack (aka quarter) added.
  • Family level expanded to Lv.60. Lv.41 adds +1 to ATK Speed. Lv.51 adds +1 to DEF.
  • Veteran/expert promotions affect family level.
  • Special birthday gift added.
  • Pigling pet box added to Feso Shop.
  • Land of the Dead modified to allow quick movement.
  • Pioneering memorials added to Forgotten/Ancient Territories.
  • Base EXP increased: Deprimida Valley 20%, Via Fluvial 20%, Skullic Dungeon 1F/2F 50%, Ancient Territory 50%
  • Price of expert promotion scroll set reduced.
  • Drop rate of rumin (aka rough stone) increased.
  • Devil's Wings (1/7-days), Phoenix Wings (1/7-days), Battlesmith Idge Card, Emilia the Sage Card, and Soho the Wind Card added to Feso Shop.

Update: Hrin's Blog states that v3.2 patch will likely be implemented on 9 April 2009. See here.

More Update: See sGE's v3.2 Patch Notes for more information.


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Veeery interesting. Wish I were on sGE. xD