[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

In-Game Compensation

Since SGE is having its weekly maintenance today, I wanted to login to SNW to make an inventory of all the stuffs in Ashardalon family while I take a break from there. I was unable to login (no surprise there). Checking the forum reveals some news. I guess I just have to make an inventory log another day.

Sword of the New World
K2 Team finally issued a compensation for weeks of unstable servers. All SNW players will get 50% EXP Boost for 3 days, starting on 18 March 2009 (PST). Unfortunately, the servers went down AGAIN about 22 hours later. Naturally, lots of QQ-ing were going on in the forum as usual. See 50% EXP Boost and All Servers Down forum topics.

Singapore Granado Espada
On the other hand, SGE had a 2-hour ad hoc maintenance on 13 March 2009, and is compensating all players who logged in on 12-13 March (6 pm, GMT+8) with 1 x Expert Combat Manual (1-day) and 1 x Ancient Shelter Pass (1-day). See Ad Hoc Maintenance 1315hrs to 1530hrs and Item Reimbursement.

Hm. I was looking for a picture of a broken server, and found this...


mooferz said…
It's official. I wanna storm K2 headquarters and blow the place up. D:<
Shride said…
Dar and I are going to go on the K2 raid. Just for fun though. The drops suck.