Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 31: Garcia Revived

Nothing much happened this week, due to the massive disconnections, lag, and extended maintenance. Ifrit managed to gain some levels at Gigante Beach though.

With the help of Astell family, 2 Katovic Soups were acquired. One was used to revive Garcia, who turns out to be one of the Ten Nobles, along with Fritz and Novia. The other soup will be kept for Cortes in Selva's recruitment quest. So, there is no need to complete the katovic quests for Garcia and Selva, since you only need the soup. (You can just ask a friend who has "opened" the cooking pot with Trace of Cruelty quest to make the soup for you, or just buy the soup from another player.)

Wait... he is a noble of Vespanola AND lieutenant of Bristia? Huh?

Viki, Visca (Grace), and Jack did a series of Lv.3 Trinity missions by themselves out of boredom, looting Lv.52 Elite Knuckle, Lv.52 Elite Eared Dagger, Genocide Ring, Freezing Spear Ring, and lots of junk. Also, Anahita won Mystery Box x1 for Scavenger Hunt.

Now with the broad bug fixed, trash-talkers are flooding the system. How irritating. The PK-ing clan Illier declared war on Aegis clan, then Aegis clan declared war on Fatal clan, whose former leader is now leader of Illier clan. Fatal Clan then declared war on Telos clan. Then after a day or so, Fatal clan switched faction to neutral, while maintaining a state of war. No idea what the heck they are doing.