Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

ABS: Summer Magic

I used 150 Adelina's Booty Searches (ABS) for Summer Magic loot update (since 12 March), and got the following...

Prized Booty
Silver Skullic Bracer
Rose Camellia Costume
Elite Dragon Coat Recipe
Elite Rescue Suit Recipe
Old Chess Piece
Liquefied Gas

Other Finds
10 Amethyst Piece x2
Ancient Star Orb x3
Ancient Rune - Ti x3
Ancient Rune - Te x2
Ancient Rune - An x2
Ancient Rune - Ar
Ancient Damaged Galzium x2
5 Pet Food x5
Ring Box x3
Andre's Costume Box x4
Karja's Vanity Box x5
Frogfish Spinelle x2
Amber Bee Spinelle x3
Elite Storm Cockatrice Spinelle x2

The spinelles are mainly for kill or drops in order to complete quests. Most of the prized booty are gained in the first 60 searches. The remaining 105 are insignificant items, such as Offensive Fillers, Soul Crystals, EXP Cards, Golden Apples, Brains of Bat, Watermelon Skins, etc.

The previous ABS loot updates were Claire & the Red-Nosed Reindeer (9 Feb) and Sparkling Lights (24 Feb). It seems that ABS loot updates about once every 2 weeks, so the next loot update should be coming in a few days.