Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Andre's Wardrobe and Idge's Chest VII has been added to cash shop for Sword 2. There is a bug that causes the items to drop on the floor without being tagged to the family. This means other families can loot your items if you are not fast enough, so open them in an isolated area to avoid theft.

Andre's Wardrobe VII:
- Dragon Heart Recipe
- Ancient Rune - Te x5
- Elite Bone-frame Armor
- Elite Rescue Suit
- Elite Metallic Suit
- Elite Dragon Coat
- Elite Pandera Jacket
- Elite La Ventisca
- Andre's Box - Back Costume
- Andre's Costume Box
- Head Costume Box for PC
- Enchantment Chips
- Veronica Chipao Costume (f/wiz)
- Camaryllis Hat (mus)
- Torozvah Ell Costume (f/sco)
- Slend Kloria Costume (f/wiz)
- Elite Treasure Box
Idge's Chest VII:
- Dragon's Fury Sword (AR 32 great sword)
- Ancient Rune - Ti x5
- Premium Wing Coupon
- Favorite NPC Card Box
- Toy Hammer (AR 30/32* blunt)
- Naginata (AR 30 polearm)
- Archangel Heart
- Siren's Scale
- Seeds of Rafflesia
- Angler Spinelle
- Moon Stone
- Socket Flux
- EXP Cards
- Enchantment Chips
- Elite Treasure Box

Toy Hammer: ATK Rating 32 or 30?
Toy Hammer (blunt) currently has ATK Rating 32. This was the case in GE Singapore before, yet it was later nerfed to ATK Rating 30. See ABS: Magic & Stars for more details. G1 has yet to comment if the blunt will be nerfed in this game edition as well.

I went through the old forum topic and found some information IAHGames staff mentioned concerning the nerf on Toy Hammer from AR 32 to AR 30. According to them, IMC said AR 32 was a bug (see quote below). GE-SG has since corrected it by making Toy Hammer into Lv.92 (AR 30) elite weapon.

You will only be reimbursed if you've used either of the following on Toy Hammer before the maintenance on 19 June:
1. Enchantment Chips Level 100
2. Enchantment Tranquilizers (aka Enchant Boosters)
3. Enhancement Boosters (aka Upgrade Accelerators)
4. Imperviums +5 and +6 Normal (aka Lacquers)
5. Socket Processing Tranquilizers (aka Socket Flux)
And as for the other question, it would be better for Kaiou to reply. [Source]

So when it was given to us, we thought AR 32 is the correct one, until you guys told us it was wrong. Based on the feedback from most of you who believed in the importance of maintaining game balance, we decided to escalate the matter to IMC.

So we checked with IMC and they said it was a bug, so they gave us a patch to fix it. Even if we were to bang tables now and say we want it changed back to 32 AR, IMC will say no to our request because in the first place, it was a bug and it wasn't working as intended. [Source]

So what does this mean for Sword 2? Since IMC is the developer from whom both Sword 2 and GE-SG get their patches, it seems unlikely for them to let us keep it at AR 32 when other editions received the nerf patch. It's not like IMC has been super nice to Sword 2 anyway. I will update again when there is official news from G1.

IAHGames reimbursed certain items used on the bugged Toy Hammer. This may not be the case with G1. It is best to avoid enchanting/upgrading/etc. it until G1 confirms the situation.

G1 Official Update
G1-Raiden has confirmed that Toy Hammer will be nerfed to ATK Rating 30 in the next patch. [Source] He didn't give a date for this, but it probably meant the next maintenance or the one after (Jan 18) which will most likely be removing the Christmas event.

The funny thing is that this is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Players keep bugging G1 if it will be nerfed, so G1 alerted IMC about it... and it got nerfed. But if players had just kept quiet about it, maybe nobody will notice that it is equivalent to Steel Fortress. Apparently, it was an issue that was repeatedly overlooked by IMC, since the same thing happened in GE-SG as well.

Just for fun, I'm including a story-driven video made by Rhizophora family of Rembrandt server, featuring Toy Hammer and Crusader stance:

[YouTube] Granado Espada - Crusader Stance

A new launcher skin has been made available at GE Korea's Screen Board. See 런처 바꺼 보자 !!![파일 첨부 ] for more information and links. The skin text labels are in Korean, but since it is a .swf file, you can probably edit it using any Flash-related applications. (The featured characters are in Greek Croma armors.)

Set up the new launcher skin with the steps below. Back up original files before over-writing anything.
  1. Download file from File Dropper or SendSpace.
  2. Copy the file into Granado Espada main folder.
  3. Copy the file again into Granado Espada\release\patch folder, and rename it as
  4. Restart the client launcher.
You can also go to 런처 바꺼 보자 !!![파일 첨부 ] to download the original package, if you prefer. The original package is compressed in a .alz file (updater.alz), which is a nuisance since WinRAR cannot extract it. I had to download and install the shareware ALZip just to unpack it. Guess what's inside? A self-extracting .zip file. The actual skin file ( is only about 500 kilobytes. Why is it necessary to archive it within another archive using an uncommon file format? Ugh.

Lolita (Claire) reached Expert Lv.9, while collecting Ancient Runes. Lara (Brunie) reached Veteran Lv.5, while training Rem (Eduardo) to Lv.100. This raised the family to Lv.38+3.

The family completed 1 Uraeus, 11 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Leo, 3 Symbols of Sagittarius, 5 White Gold Bars, and 6 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards. After all this time, Elmorc finally dropped its first Symbol of Leo for the family. Adorabelle (f/ele) won Einaptor Sword (sword) from Lightning Gate.

The Rescue Rudolph! event for Christmas did not happen in Orpesia, as Santa Nunez was missing. Servers went down for a long time, and when it came online again, it was afflicted with lag, slow map loading, missing Gold, missing cash shop, and disconnections. Even returning to the quarters was a nuisance as it frequently resulted in "Cannot Find Server" error. The Gr1nch stole Christmas!

Wishing all my blog readers a Merry Christmas!

I wanted to take a screenshot using my own account in Orpesia server, but G1 game and forum servers went down for more than 24 hours, and still ongoing... Well, it's already Christmas (depending on your time zone), so I made a short visit to Rembrandt server where players were spamming Christmas Trees and firecrackers outside of Auch. Meanwhile, you can get news concerning G1 fail status at Neume's Twitter, Sword2 Twitter, Port Coimbra (server status), and Sword 2 Fuc Face Book.

Anyway, the Christmas event involving rescuing Rudolph to make it for Christmas and G1's attempt to fix patch/server in time reminds me of a movie production by Sky One in 2006 - Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. Adapted from the novel Hogfather, the story involved an assassin attempting to kill the Hogfather (a parody of Santa Claus), resulting in Death (Grim Reaper) standing in for him and delivering presents to children on Hogswatch (a parody of Christmas).

Below is an interesting excerpt from the novel relating how Death (in his capacity as substitute Hogfather) deals with The Little Match Girl and his conversation with his butler... And uh, *cough* BitTorrent file here for the movie.

"But... little match girls dying in the snow is part of what the Hogswatch spirit is all about, master," said Albert desperately. "I mean, people hear about it and say. 'We may be poorer than a disabled banana and only have mud and old boots to eat, but at least we're better off than the poor little match girl,' master. It makes them feel happy and grateful for what they've got, see."
"Sorry, master. But, look, it's all right, anyway, because she wakes up and it's all bright and shining and tinkling music and there's angels, master."
Death stopped.
Oh dear, thought Albert. The master's really in one of his funny moods now.
"Er. No. Not exactly at the last minute, master. Not as such."
"More sort of just after the last minute." Albert coughed nervously.
"Yes. That's how the story goes, master. 's not my fault."
"Couldn't say, master. I suppose people think it's more... satisfying the other way..." Albert hesitated, and then frowned. "You know, now that I come to tell someone..."
Death looked down at the shape under the falling snow. Then he set the lifetimer on the air and touched it with a finger. A spark flashed across.
"You ain't really allowed to do that," said Albert, feeling wretched.
"Yeah, but-"
"All right, master."
Death scooped up the girl and strode to the end of the alley.
The snowflakes fell like angel's feathers. Death stepped out into the street and accosted two figures who were tramping through the drifts.
TAKE HER SOMEWHERE WARM AND GIVE HER A GOOD DINNER, he commanded, pushing the bundle into the arms of one of them. AND I MAY WELL BE CHECKING UP LATER.
Then he turned and disappeared into the swirling snow. [...]
Nobby pulled aside the blanket.
"Search me," he said. "Looks like we've been chosen to do a bit of charity." [...]
Shortly afterwards there was some tinkling music and a very bright light and two rather affronted angels appeared at the other end of the alley, but Albert threw snowballs at them until they went away.

GE Japan has a new web game called Magic Compass. See the official notice here. The new items are listed below. Other rewards include weapons and costumes from previous Imperial Wheel releases, such as White Santa Costumes (stock only), Santa Costumes for Grace/Emilia/Adelina/Calyce, and Angel Weapons (AR 33).

Recipe - Blue Serpent (Armor)
DEF Rating 31 • DEF 173 (Coat/Robe), 203 (Leather) • Veteran Exclusive
Materials: Dragon Heart x1, Scale Piece x25, Lv.31 Armor Crystal x3, Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x100, Ancient Warrior Symbol x60

Valkyrie Costume • Body Costume (f/fig)

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Magic Circle 12 (Korea) is now available until Jan 12, 2011... Yeah, I know the hair for Catherine looks fake, but it is on the official kGE web game page... plus, they are all inside kGE client data tables. So suck on it.

Capitaine Costume + Hair (m/wiz)
Belle De Jour Costume + Hair (Catherine Torsche)
Pet Box (Phobitan)

More screenshots are available at kGE Screen Board:

IMC has released a standard Christmas event for all editions of Granado Espada. See Rescue Rudolph! for the early information released for Korea/Japan Christmas event details. This blog post will be updated later as more information is released.

[Sword2] Christmas In U.S.
See Sword 2 Holiday Patch for Sword 2's official notice on Rescue Rudolph! event. Christmas Coins needed: 50 for Pet Box, 10 for costumes, and 5 for other items.

I don't know why the rewards cost so many coins though. The similar rewards in most other GE (e.g. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan) require 2/3/15 coins, while those in Sword 2 require 5/10/50 coins... I hope this isn't another screw-up like when they asked the players to type the horrendously long 8th verse from 12 Days of Christmas within 15 seconds last year. See also Christmas Carols forum contest.

Update: After being late for Christmas, the patch was amended to require 2/3/15 coins instead. Thank goodness.

[GE-SG] Christmas In Singapore
GE Singapore is having Rescue Rudolph! event - see Santa Needs A Favor!. Christmas Coins needed: 15 for Pet Box, 3 for costumes, and 2 for other items. According to Lorenza here, this event will end on Jan 20, 2011.

Cash cow milking continues with the final run of Adelina's Booty Search web game, featuring Elite Le Noir (DR 32) as top loot. See [ABS] Adelina's Retiring for official notice and forum discussion for how players failed to get any prized booty after 1,000 searches*. Meanwhile, Hellena's Circus of Fate web game continues to feature new costumes including the Santa costumes for Emilia, Grace, Adelina, and Calyce. See [HCOF] Winter Promotion.

Note (*): You can convert cash shop credit (G-Points) to ABS at the rate of 100:1. Thereafter, 1,000 ABS is worth 100,000 G-Points. SGD 60.00 (USD 45.65) provides 84,000 G-Points using iCash Card. So 1,000 ABS will cost about SGD 71.43 (USD 54.35).

[GE-VN] Christmas In Vietnam
See Giải cứu Tuần lộc for the official notice of Rescue Rudolph! event. Also, GE Vietnam updated to v5.0 since Nov 16, 2010. See Bá Chủ Thế Giới chính thức ra mắt phiên bản 5.0.

In addition, they will be 2 new cash shop boxes (or something costing cash shop credits anyway) - Noel Treasure and Queen's Treasure. See Rương báu Noel and Rương báu Nữ hoàng for official notices. Noel Treasure drops include Elite Le Blanc Recipe, Emilia the Sage Character Card, White Santa Costume, Veteran Enchantment Chip, Veteran G (14m) EXP Card, and more.

Queen's Treasure drops include Asoka Character Card, [Sect of Moonlight] Stance Book, Idge the Battle Smith Character Card, Pet Box (Rudolph), Dragon Heart, Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Leo, Old Chess Piece x10, Snail Shell x10, Expert G (27m) EXP Card x2, and more.

[GE-TW] Christmas In Taiwan
See GE:搶救麋鹿!!耶誕叮叮噹 for the official notice of Rescue Rudolph! event. Christmas Coins needed: 15 for Pet Box, 3 for costumes, 2 for other items.

There will also be an EXP boost +20% event for both combat and stance EXP from Dec 28, 2010 to Jan 04, 2011. Their web "game" (lucky draw system) is featuring Angel Rifle (AR 33) until Dec 23, 2010. After which, it will replaced by Angel Knuckle (AR 33). See GE2K11迎向新紀元 for other Christmas details.

[GE-TH] Christmas In Thailand
See Safe the Rudolphs for GE Thailand's official notice for Rescue Rudolph! event. Christmas Coins needed: 10 for Pet Box, 7 for Angel Ring hat, 3 for costumes and Rudolph Bag, and 2 for other items.

There will also be +50% combat and stance EXP from Dec 27, 2010 to Jan 5, 2011. See เอเชียซอฟท์ "Big Surprise!!!" for official notice.

[GE-RU] Christmas In Russia
GE Russia will be having Rescue Rudolph! event as well [Source], but has yet to release any official event details.

There is a photo forum event (until Dec 26) which rewards Draconic Weapons (AR 32). See Найди cвоего дракона!. From Dec 22, there will be a new cash shop box featuring Draconic Rifle (AR 32), Draconic Staff (AR 32), Crystal Wings (7 days), and other items. See Сундуки с драконьим оружием скоро в продаже!.

Some players may find themselves playing the game without a scroll-wheel mouse or a scroll-enabled touchpad. You can still zoom-in and zoom-out by manually assigning new hot keys.

First, you must be using user-defined hot keys. Edit your hot key (.xml) file and add the following line:

<HotKey Name="Zoom In" Scp="CamWheel(-10)" Key="PRIOR" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="NO" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="NO" />
<HotKey Name="Zoom Out" Scp="CamWheel(10)" Key="NEXT" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="NO" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="NO" />

Restart the client. You can zoom-in/out using PageUp/PageDown button in-game. You may assign a different hot key by changing the parameters (PRIOR=PageUp, NEXT=PageDown) above. Ensure you do not have more than one function assigned to the same hot key.

For smaller units of zoom, reduce the number within CamWheel command to -1 and 1.

Thelandira (f/mus) reached Master Lv.3, while collecting Ancient Runes in Errac. Ghae (Andre) and Sylune (Calyce) reached Veteran Lv.4 and Lv.3 respectively, while training Rem (Eduardo) to Lv.98. Soteira (Helena) reached Expert Lv.7 after completing Team Area missions, and won Boreas (sabre) from Lightning Gate raids.

Visca (Grace) crafted The Tempest of Aquarius (bayonet). After the upgrading success of Black Bishop last week, the family tried again this week... and got scammed by Vincent Rio. After using 480 Upgrade Accelerators, 9 Lacquers +5: Expert, and 6 Lacquers +6: Expert, the bayonet was finally upgraded to +7. The family used 134 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters to enchant ATK + Fire ATK + ATK Rating + Wild Beast. (Yes, it's Wild Beast again.) Unfortunately, the ATK enchantment is a bit low. Sigh. Oh well...

All 3 sockets on the bayonet were successfully opened with only 3 Socket Fluxes. The remaining 11 Socket Fluxes were used on Elite Le Noir (mus) to attempt opening the 3rd socket (again)... which, of course, failed (again). The attempts on this armor's 3rd socket have used up almost 40 Socket Fluxes so far. Ugh, the family is near-bankrupt again.

After completing 1 Uraeus, 12 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, the family only recovered Le Noir (ele) Recipe, Elite Piernoente Recipe, Mystic Shoes, Mystic Gloves, and Aiming Gloves. No symbol dropped for 12 Team Arena missions. (Of course, Uraeus dropped 2 Mega Talt again.) FAIL. Ugh! Pathetic drops from solo raids all week long.

Out of frustration, the family acquired and opened 60 Ring Boxes. The boxes dropped 8 stance rings, including Hapkido. There were also 2 job skill rings - Summon Frost and Safe Guard. Summon Frost Ring should eventually become Memorize Ring in v5.0.31, but that won't happen in the next patch (v5.0.23). After all, this was what happened when Mana Activation skill (v2.4) was changed to Elemental Penetration (v2.6). Other skill rings included Flare, Barsel, Blood Curse, Ele-Invisible, Rouse, Ardor (aka Impulse), Zeal (aka Gruesome), Check Targets, Accuracy Shot, Centella, Valentia, and Rapida Ataque. Personally, I think it sucks. Still need another Enhanced Tactics Ring, or at least a Principal Ring...

Perhaps feeling sorry for the family, the Jewel Exchanger yielded 3 HQ Spodumenes for this week's collection of Rough Stones. A bit of consolation at least. The family experienced 3 disconnections this week.

GE Korea has officially launched their Christmas event to rescue Rudolph until Dec 30, 2010. See 루돌프를 구출하라 for event notice. See also Silver Server Patch Notes v6.6.3.

Trade 5 types of Pure Ores (100 each) to Santa Nunez in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge to receive 3 mission keys (not tradable). Enter the mission lobby via the Christmas Trees to rescue Rudolph from monsters. The keys are not tradable, and can be collected only once per day. However, you can do the missions multiple times per day, if you didn't do them on previous days after collecting the keys.

Each mission lasts for 30 minutes and can have up to 3 families. Complete all 3 missions and receive 3 Christmas Trees, 3 Snowman, 3 Snow Sprays, and 3 Christmas Socks from Santa Nunez. All these items can be traded, except for Christmas Socks.

In addition, collect 8 Santa event items from Rudolph to trade for Christmas Coin. Then, trade in Christmas Coins for Santa Costume (30 days; Movement Speed +10%, DEF +10), Angel Ring Hat, Santa Hat, Rudolph Hat, Rudolph Doll, and Pet Box (Santa Grabber). Santa event items can be traded, but not Christmas Coins or the reward items.

Other editions of Granado Espada are also having the same event, although the final rewards for trading coins may differ slightly. For example, Pet Box (Santa Grabber) might be replaced by Shiny Crystal Box or Pet Box (Rudolph). See Christmas Around the World 2010 for events hosted by other editions of Granado Espada.

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GE Korea has released another [GM Tip] article. Panfilo's Coooking skill was first mentioned in [GE-KR] v6.4 Preview. See [GM Tip] 요리를 해보자!! for screenshots of the recipes and ingredients.

Cooking Ingredients
Several cooking ingredients are revealed. Some of them are items already existing in early versions.

  • Cook Stone ... acquired with alchemy.
  • Spider Meat ... acquired from spider monsters.
  • Brawn acquired from Wild Boar.
  • Wolf Meat ... acquired from Arctic Wolf in Katovic Snowfield.
  • Comodo Meat ... acquired from comodo monsters.
  • Octopus Arm ... acquired from octopus monsters.
  • Clear Rum ... acquired from monsters in Errac fields.
  • Red/Green/Yellow Leaf of Rafflesia ... acquired from monsters in Ustiur zones.
  • Golden Apple ... acquired from Eltetah in Katovic Snowfield.
  • Wheat Flour ... acquired from pirate monsters.
  • Honey ... acquired from insect monsters.
  • Cabosse ... acquired from Phobitan monsters.
  • Beet ... acquired from Arctic Gorillas in Frozen Wastes.
  • Fish Meat ... acquired from crustacean (?) monsters.
  • Cockatrice Egg ... acquired from cockatrice monsters.
  • Golden Corn ... acquired from Ustiur Farm.
  • Capybara Potato ... acquired from Capybara monsters.

"Crafted" Dishes
The following dishes provide the listed buffs for 30 min. Recipes can be acquired from NPC with Old Journals 1, 2, and 3. See 드디어 끝났습니다!! for screenshots of the dish items.
  • Spider Steak ... ATK vs. monsters +10%
  • Boar Steak ... Max HP +3000
  • Wolf Steak ... Movement Speed +10%, ATK Speed +10%
  • Comodo Steak ... DEF +10
  • Meat Stew ... HP Recovery +500
  • Stir-Fried Octo ... Elemental ATK +15 (?)
  • Fish Sausage ... Immunity +8
  • Stir-Fried Corn ... SP Recovery +20
  • Golden Apple Pie ... DEF Rating +1
  • Egg Stew ... Magic RES +10
  • Capy Fish ... Penetration +5
  • Capy Rum ... ATK Rating +1

A list of food available can be viewed in the UI window by clicking on the cooking pot. Up to 6 families in the squad can use the pot within 2 minutes. Dish buffs do not stack (?).

Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Expert Lv.3, while training Darkness stance. Tantalus (Panfilo) reached Lv.100. Soteira (Helena) finally mastered Augury, and acquired Occultism with Symbol of Pisces. At the rate she was going, it seemed unlikely for her to maximize Occultism level before reaching Master level. But hopefully, the next patch (which includes v5.0.4) will auto-maximized it for her.

Since ATK Rating for dual-weapon stances will be rounded up in v4.5.4, the family decided against crafting another Constellation LOE Bracelet. Instead, Ifrit (M'Boma) crafted Black Bishop to be shared by Adorabelle (f/ele) and Soteira (Helena). Upgrading to +7 used only 60 Upgrade Accelerators, 1 Lacquer +5: Veteran, and 1 Lacquer +6: Veteran. This was the family's first attempt to upgrade a significant equipment to +7, so it was probably just beginner's luck. Opening the 2nd socket used 3 Socket Fluxes. The enchantment consumed 107 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters to enchant ATK + ATK Speed + Max SP + Wild Beast. Not too sure what wild beast boss would a LOE bracelet be good against though.

The family completed 13 Team Arena, 1 Uraeus, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Libra, 2 Tracking Boots, and 2 Chevalier Greaves. Stingy Uraeus gave 2 Mega Talt and 1 Lv.92 elite armor recipe again this week. This was the case for the past few weeks. If it continues to be like that, the mission is barely worth doing.

Imperial Wheel R3 (GE-JP) has been released early for Dec 2010, possibly so that they can release a Christmas Special near the end of the month. (See Imperial Wheel: Christmas Special 2009.) This month introduces 3 more Arcana weapons and a new costume set. Innocentio stance book is also a reward.

Bracelet of Empress
LOE Bracelet • ATK Rating 31 • ATK 261
Max SP +15% • [Abyss Flare] Level +1

Cannon of Chariot
Cannon • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 531
ATK Speed +10% • [Blazing Burster] Level +1 • [Castle Crusher] Level +1

Hammer of Judgment
Blunt • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 261
ATK Speed +10% • [Temple Breaker] Level +1 • [Atomic Slash] Level +1

Water of the Abyss • Body Costume (f/ele), Body Costume (m/ele)

Wave Long Tail • Hair (f/ele)

Natural Wave Hair (m/ele)

See 聖夜は終わっちゃったけど、救出大作戦!? for more costume screenshots.

Stances are grouped into types according to their stance EXP requirements. The table below shows the stance types and the stance EXP required to reach Lv.25. The data is derived from datatable_stance.ies and datatable_xp.ies files from each client.

Type Stance EXP Ratio
10001 6,485,600 1.00
10012 32,428,000 5.00
10024 64,856,000 10.00
10031 315,303 0.05
10041 410,441 0.06
10051 474,047 0.07
10061 569,185 0.09

Sword 2 (v4.1)
All basic stances and most veteran stances (except Forgotten Magic) used the standard stance EXP type (10001). Most expert stances require 5 times as much stance EXP as the basic stances. Occultism and Enhanced Tactics are the winners, requiring twice the amount of stance EXP as the other expert stances (e.g. Flintlock).

Type Stances: Sword 2 (v4.1)
10001 All Other Basic & Veteran Stances
10012 Hapkido, Equites, Rapiere, Gorgeous, Rapiere of Grim, Hanging Guard, Waxing, Arnis, Tested Guard, Flintlock, Darkness, Madness, Augury, Forgotten Magic
10024 Occultism, Enhanced Tactics

Despite what most players may believe, Darkness stance requires the same stance EXP as other expert stances (e.g. Flintlock). It just seems to require a lot of stance EXP, because a lot of the EXP are "wasted" when the character automatically changes stance due to his SP being reduced to 0 by levitation.

Granado Espada: Singapore (v5.0)
In v5.0, all basic stances (except for Valeria's First Aid) are re-classified into faster stance EXP types. These new types (10031-10061) require significantly less stance EXP to reach Lv.25. This change may be the reason why some players find their stances have automatically reached Lv.25 after the patch.

Type Stances: GE-SG (v5.0)
10001 Defender, Advance Garde, Cauchemar, Advance Garde of Grim, Low-Guard, Rapida Espada, Sidewinder, Stave Guard, Mighty Cruz, Raid Assault, Low-Guard, Sidewinder, Sight Shot, Outrage Shot, Gigantic Blaster, Gigantic Marksmanship, Close Encounters, Sagitta, Incantation, Anathema, Domination Fire, Domination Ice, Domination Lightning, Tactical Assistance, Serenade, First Aid (Valeria)
10012 Martial Arts Compendium, Crusader, Equites, Rapiere, Gorgeous, Rapiere of Grim, Hanging Guard, Semilunar, Tronada Cruz, Arnis, Tested Guard, Secret of Moonlight, Bloody Feast, Flintlock, Superior Blaster, Dual Blaster, Demolition Burst, Tested Burst, Darkness, Madness, Occult Assistance, Forgotten Magic
10024 Death Chopping, Occult Magic, Prelude, Enhanced Tactics, Innocentio
10031 Bareknuckle, Back-Guard, High-Guard, Hack and Slash, Combatant, Middle-Guard, Back-Guard, Novice Guard, Esgrima, Middle-Guard Spirit, Standing Shot, Novice Marksmanship, Targan Shot, Straight Shot, Kneeling Shot, Psychokinesis, Possession Fire, Possession Ice, Possession Lightning, First Aid, Fortitudo, Install Trap, Construction, Defensive Construction, Amicus, Castis
10041 Defending Guard, Twin Blades, Plow-Guard, Roof-Guard, Blandir Cruz, Penetrar Cruz, Twin Blades Spirit, Plow-Guard, Roof-Guard, Aiming Shot, Freestyle Shot, Double-Gun Shot, Kneeling Shot, Defending Shot, ESP, The Illusionist, Evocation Fire, Evocation Ice, Evocation Lightning
10051 Book of Earth, Book of Wind, Book of Flame, Book of Ice, Book of Mind, Epee Garde, Sabre Garde, Tail-Guard, Corte Duplicado, Esgrima, Heaven or Hell, Shotgun Blaster, Hunting Blaster, Siege Burst
10061 Main-Gauche Garde, Epee Glacier, Sabre Glacier, Main-Gauche Garde of Grim, Epee Garde of Grim, Grim Guard, Flame-Guard, Heaven or Hell of Grim, Arbalester, Levitation, The Elemental Lord, Minstrel, Rescue*, Marionette

The slowest stance EXP type (10024) also gains several more expert stances - Death Chopping, Prelude, and Innocentio.

Note (*): Rescue stance is the unique (weapon-less) stance of Snow Rescue Knight, a character that was "under development" for v3.0 but later abandoned by IMC. The stance includes Intensify, Fortify, Resuscitation, Acceleration, and Mass Cure skills. At Lv.25, it has Block +10 bonus.

Lara (Brunie) reached Veteran Lv.4, after training Voltaire (Garcia) to Lv.100 and a few other pioneers. Romina reached Master Lv.6, while raiding Arsene Circus. The circus raider role was then passed on to Athena (f/fig). Ambrosia (Emilia) used Symbol of Aries to learn Darkness stance.

Athena (f/fig) traded a full set of symbols, Ancient Runes - Te/An, and other materials for The Insight of Antares (javelin). This shaved a bit of cost from crafting the weapon, since the recipe required the more expensive Ancient Runes - Ti/Ar. She wasn't in a hurry to upgrade, socket, and enchant it as yet, since Peltast stance won't be available until next patch (... coming Soon™, of course). The focus now is to craft more weapons before the revision of weapon crystals. Out of all the weapons that were broken every day, the family has only 2 +7 Lv.100 (AR30+3) weapons so far.

The family completed 12 Team Arena, 1 Uraeus, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Aquarius, Glacial Crystal Recipe, and Elite Inviardeco Recipe. Only 2 symbols dropped this week. Oh well, at least one of them is Aquarius. The Rough Stones collected this week only yielded 1 HQ Obsidian. Adorabelle (f/ele) also won Lightning Gun (pistol) from Lightning Gate raids.

The New World witnessed an extinction event this week. This event was heralded by the breakdown of communications, as clan and squad chats got screwed up. Then, missions all over the world failed to start ("Return to lobby due to game crash"). Shortly after, like many other pioneers, the family was surprised when they found that several monster species have gone extinct throughout the New World. Many maps were empty, or at least have the monster population and spawn rate significantly reduced. This extinction event even affected some raid bosses.

The family experienced 12 disconnections this week. The lack of maintenance last week seemed to have screwed the servers over. Both channels of Auch and Reboldeaux went offline. Other maps were plagued with lag and disconnections. The game service is failing. Again. I am really getting tired of this crap. It looks like all this rubbish will persist for about another (estimated) 2 weeks. See Regarding Recent Issues.

More delays are expected for v5.0 patch of Sword 2 by G1. In 1.5 months, that will push v5.0 into mid January 2011. A new cash shop box will be expected next week. See here for a list of proposed item drops.

And I will post about 5.0 in the pinned topic as mentioned so people can easily find. Just quickly it will likely be 1 1/2 more months. But we're making haste as fast as we can again. [G1-Quinzel; Source]

We're working on trying to release one [cash shop box] next week if all goes according to plan. Should be a good one =) We'll keep you all posted about when it will be released. We are actually working on trying to put up the patch for the new box on our test servers now but have a few obstacles. Please cross your fingers for us! [G1-Quinzel; Source]

[GE-SG] World Cross PvP, Adelina's Santa Costume
Lorenza stated that [V5.0 Feature] Launch of World-X PvP will most likely be beta launched in December 2010. [Source]

In addition, GE-SG has introduced Adelina's Santa Costume and Raid/Jade Phraxi Costumes in [HCOF] Winter Promotion.

Former players who quit will also receive bonus freebies for returning to the game. See Summon Angel Welcomes You This Christmas.

There is also a game credit promotion until Jan 3, 2011. See 10% Bonus G-Points.