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Today, I went back to SNW for stock-taking, since I was fed up with SGE for failing to get DR+3 on Elite Dragon Coat after 200+ chips. Except for Mis, most other people I know were offline. The market is kind of screwy as well. There are only 2 Lv.92 elite weapons and a few Lv.100 weapons. Lv.100 chips are now more expensive in SNW-Orpesia than in SGE-Rembrandt. Coimbra was almost empty of players too. Sad.

Family Level: 20
Quarter Slots: 20
Reputation: 49,118
Server: Sword of the New World ~ Orpesia

Female Musketeer ~ Expert 8%, DEX+2; Outrage Shot, Sight Shot
Female Elementalist ~ Expert 0%, INT+2; Domination Fire/Ice/Lightning
Female Fighter ~ Vet 66%, STR+1; Stave Guard, Defender
Female Scout ~ Vet 0%, CON+1
Female Wizard ~ Lv.99
Emilia the Sage ~ Vet 60%, INT+1; Incantation
Claude ~ Vet 35%, STR+1; Mighty Cruz
Romina ~ Vet 54%, STR+1
Catherine ~ Vet 80%, CHA+1
Andre ~ Lv.100
Karjalain ~ Lv.100
Jack ~ Lv.98
Idge ~ Lv.84
Viki ~ Lv.81
Grace Bernelli ~ Lv.81
Eduardo ~ Lv.60
Adelina ~ Lv.60
M'Boma ~ Lv.50
Gracielo ~ Lv.48
UPC Cards ~ Garcia, Idge, Brunie x2, Soldier x2, Ramiro x2, Tiburon x2, Jack, Yeganeh x2, Panfilo x2, Jose, Soho x2, Lisa, Emilia, Rescue Knight, Gracielo, Trooper x2, Auch Infantry x2

Lv.100 +5 Bracelet of Behemoth ~ ATK 38% MaxSP 22%
Lv.100 +5 Bracelet of Leviathan ~ ATK 37% Ice +36 [1S: Ice +14]
Lv.100 +5 Bracelet of Ziz ~ ATK 31% Shock 7% Wild Beast 40%
Lv.100 +5 Bracelet of Great Soul ~ MaxSP 5% Daemon 85%
Lv.100 Bracelet of Great Soul ~ Mental +29
Lv.100 +6 Veteran Ancestral Pistol ~ ATK 40% ATK Speed 20% Crit +8 Acc +15 Mental +34
Lv.100 +6 Veteran Ancestral Rifle ~ ATK 40% ATK Speed 24% Crit +5 Acc +16 Mental +34
Lv.100 Grim-Wight ~ Blank
Lv.100 Grim-Wight ~ Blank
Lv.100 Grim-Wight ~ Mental +24
Lv.100 Grim-Wraith ~ ATK Speed 20% Ice +6
Lv.100 Sword Breaker ~ Daemon 70%
Lv.100 +5 The Black Dragon ~ ATK 35% ATK Speed 5% Mental +13
Lv.100 Conqueror Shotgun ~ Acc +17 Fear 6% Fire +45
Lv.100 Conqueror Shotgun ~ Lightning +44
Lv.100 +5 Elite Moonstone Rod ~ ATK 37% MaxSP 20% Darkness 6%
Lv.100 +5 Desert Storm ~ ATK 39% Acc +10 [2S: Acc +5 ATK Speed 5%]
Lv.92 +5 Elite Antique Pistol ~ ATK 38% Lightning +32
Lv.92 +5 Elite Antique Pistol ~ Lightning +46 Wild Beast 83% Undead 53%
Lv.92 +5 Elite Chevalier Sword ~ ATK 40% Fire +15
Lv.92 +5 Elite Skullic Bracer ~ ATK 36% ATK Speed 29% Mental +10
Lv.92 +5 Elite Mucerati Morningstar ~ Crit +10 Undead 70%
Lv.92 +4 Elite Mucerati Morningstar ~ Wild Beast 72%
Lv.92 +4 Elite Mucerati Morningstar ~ Crit +7 Stun 3% Ice +17 Golem 83%
Lv.92 +5 Elite Mucerati Morningstar ~ ATK 34% ATK Speed 5% Stun 3% Fire +33 Ice +46 Mental +8 [1S: ATK Speed 3%]
Lv.88 +6 Silver Controller: ATK ~ MaxSP 21%
Lv.88 Silver Controller: ATK ~ Blank
Lv.88 Silver Whistle ~ MaxSP 13%
Lv.84 +5 Wooden Whistle ~ Blank
Lv.84 Elite Earthcracker ~ Blank
Lv.84 Elite Kaladbolg ~ Lightning +25
Lv.84 Elite Kaladbolg ~ Ice +42
Lv.84 Elite Sniper Rifle ~ Blank
Lv.84 Elite Sniper Rifle ~ Fire +33 Lightning +29
Lv.84 Elite Peacemaker ~ Blank
Lv.84 Elite Peacemaker ~ Crit +8
Lv.84 Elite Royal Guardian ~ Ice RES +6

Lv.100 +5 Corsair Rosso ~ DEF 14 Fire RES +12 Lightning RES +7 DR+3
Lv.100 Schvarlier Armor ~ DEF 9 Lightning RES +6 Mental RES +7
Lv.100 Gladiator's Armor ~ Move 17% Ice RES +9 DR+2
Lv.100 +5 Veteran Ancestral Metal ~ DEF 18 Eva 10 Move 19% MaxHP 25%
Lv.100 +5 Veteran Ancestral Leather ~ DEF 16 Eva 13 Move 19% MaxHP 15%
Lv.100 +5 Veteran Ancestral Leather ~ DEF 20 Eva 13 Move 17% MaxHP 24%
Lv.100 +4 Veteran Ancestral Coat ~ DEF 14 Eva 6 Move 13% MaxHP 23%
Lv.100 Veteran Ancestral Robe ~ DEF 13 Eva 5 Move 19% MaxHP 21%
Lv.92 +6 Elite La Ventisca ~ Ice RES +14 DR+3
Lv.92 Elite La Ventisca ~ Blank
Lv.84 +5 Elite Ring Mail ~ Ice RES +14 Mental RES +9 DR+3
Lv.84 Elite Plate ~ DEF 20 Ice +12
Lv.84 Elite Plate ~ DEF 11
Lv.84 Elite Plate ~ Fire RES +9 Lightning RES +15
Lv.84 Elite Striform ~ Eva 4 Ice RES +10
Lv.84 Elite Robe of Uranus ~ Blank
Lv.84 Elite Albaes ~ DEF 14 Move 15% Mental RES +17 Mental RES +5

Other Gears
Physical RES Necklace x2
Lv.80 Gloves ~ MaxSP 10%
Lv.44 Idge's Boots ~ MaxHP 5%
Lv.40 Leather Boots ~ MaxHP 7%
Lv.40 Leather Boots ~ DEF 1 Evasion 2 MaxHP 10%
Lv.40 Leather Boots ~ MaxHP 6%
Lv.40 Shoes ~ MaxHP 10%
Lv.40 Shoes ~ DEF 3 MaxHP 9%
Costumes ~ Dragon Coat, Bone Frame, Le Blanc x5
Hats ~ Maid's Head Band, Gray Feather Hat, Shalwar Carmes Hat, Santa Hat
Hairs ~ Brown Plait (f/sco), Plait (f/sco), Volume Perm (f/mus), Brown Volume Perm (f/mus), Gray Layered Shaggy Cut (f/fig)

Fighter Rings ~ The Defender [Stance], Mighty Cruz [Stance], Guardian x2, Highlander Soul x2, Skyliner x2, Gigante Marcha, Pommel, Deep Straight, Vortex Slash, Grind Cutter, Stunning Skewer, Tearing Alternate, Triskelion
Scout Rings ~ Accelerando, Meditativo, Insistendo
Elementalist Rings ~ Evocation Lightning [Stance], Elemental Penetration, Frozen Strike, Lava Plasma, Tornado Holding, Freezing Spear, Fireball, Electric Charger, Absolute Zero
Musketeer Rings ~ Ankle Shot, Concentration, Precision Strike, Birdfall
Wizard Rings ~ Psychokinesis [Stance], Energy Shield, Spiritual Shield, Strike Back, Photon Splash, Protection Field
UPC Rings ~ Lloyd Control x2, Parade Riposte x2, Atmoic Crazy Rush, Brandish, Armor Crasher x2, Genocide, Contre-Attaque, Great Rotating Blade, Rotating Blade, Tierra Choque, Ciento Penetrar, Harpoon

Premium Items
Cinderella's Clara Mago
Sage Necklace
Blessed Archangel Wings
Lucifer's Wings x6
Soul Crystal x141
Boost Potion x9
AM's Boost x222
Return Scroll ~ Reb x6, Coimbra x6, Auch x6
Teleport Scroll x14
Health Regen Potion x20
Soul Regen Potion x5
Hermes Potion x8
Defensive Filler x3
Triumph Filler x433
Event Triumph Filler x1
Event Soul Crystal x5
Event Health Regen Potion x9
Event Soul Regen Potion x10
Promotion Scroll ~ Veteran x19, Expert x2
Quarter Slot Permit x3
Enchant Booster x162
Mysterious Powder x60
Otite Perfume x25
Lacquer ~ +6 General, +5 Veteran
Ancient Area Pass (7-days) x7
Expert Survival Manual (20% drop; 30-days)

Misc Items
Enchantment Chip ~ Lv.100 x7, Lv.96 x1, Lv.92 x179, Lv.88 x199, Lv.84 x27, Lv.80 x222
Recipe ~ Lv.100 Black Dagger, Lv.84 Elite Laranja e Preto, Lv.68 Elite Robe of Yeti, Lv.84 Elite Weapons (assorted)
Viki's Summon Stones ~ Otite Piece x9703, Treasure Core x208
Mega Ores ~ Mega Ionium x202, Mega Aidanium x114, Mega Etretanium x37
Crafting Materials ~ Snail Shell x7, Pure Otite x15
Gems ~ HQ Sapphire x1, HQ Ruby x6, Sapphire x10, Ruby x7, Emerald x1
Keys ~ Capybara Key x65, AQM Hollow x9, Tetra Treasure Chamber x2, Pt. Bello Saloon x1, Corridor of Assize x4, Fire Orb x10, Lightning Orb x1
Soup Materials ~ Snowfield Soup x1, Golden Apple x33, Wolf Meat x262, Beet x47, Cabbage x37
Pet Food x20
Jewels ~ Pearl, GQ Pearl, GQ Peridot
Currency ~ 36.9m vis, 21.3m feso, Sun Stone x93 (1k feso each), Pure Gold Bar x267 (150k vis each)

The family investigated the Toubkal Plateau in Abertal, Via Fluvial, and Deprimida Valley for the Plateau Investigator.

Alicia (f/ele) was promoted to veteran status. To ease her expert grind, Expert Combat Manual (EXP +100%) was activated for 30 days. Training along with Viki and sometimes Romina, she reached Veteran Lv.3 by the end of the week. While leveling in Via Fluvial, she looted a Healing Ring and witnessed a few PK fights as ALL STAR and Eminence faction members continued to slaughter each other in an all-out war.

After using 38 chips, her Elite La Ventisca finally got DR+3. The family also hatched 2 pets - Cthulhu (Pilfurr, aka Poppet) and Eidolon (Broomy, aka Moppet). They probably won't be used as much though, since pet food is somewhat expensive here.

Alicia overlooks Eidolon hatching with her ELV and Silver Skullic Bracer.

Ramiro returned as April's Fool Event NPC in SGE. This is basically the same as last year's event, except the questions are different. For the answers to the new questions, see Fiksdotter's Fool'n Around Granado Espada. The reward is the same - Liar's Soup. See April's Fool Event 2008 for other details.

We all knew MP is basically crack.
This is the 1st time a NPC mentions it as such though.

Korean GE has introduced v3.5.04. See here for details in Japanese.

  • New colony game, rewarding millions of feso. See also cGE article.
  • New cash shop dungeon accessible from Tierra Putrefacta (aka Caebolan). The boss drops Lv.96 elite armor recipes and constellation signs.
  • Master's Martial Arts stance added.
  • Lv.96 elite armors (DR29) added.
  • Skill point re-allocation is possible with new cash shop item (also available in feso shop).
  • Maximum enhancement boosters (aka upgrade accelerators) has been reduced. For e.g., Lv.92 elite weapons and Lv.92 elite armors require 12 and 15 boosters respectively instead of 20 boosters for full 200% boost.
  • Item name added to warning notices for enhancing (aka upgrading) and socketing.
  • Maximum family level extended from 50 to 55.
  • Pet box for cat (buffer) added to feso shop.
  • Some mini-maps were updated.

Sword of the New World has been on v2.9.1 patch for a long time. Finally, K2-Raven provided some information today on the updates. Some good news at last.

So I ask the question, when 3.0 patch will be implemented in Sword?
I am anticipating release of this patch by the end of May on the higher end.

What is 'soon' if you're talking about v3.0 coming out?
3 months from now!!!!!!

ETA on 3.0, wuts k2 doin, etc. You know the QQ drill.
ETA should be 3 months from now. Working on the patch and exploits.

It is now near the end of March, so "3 months from now" will push it to late June. Since K2-Raven sorta gave 2 dates, I take it to mean that the patch is expected in late May (if early) or late June (if late). See Recent Server Issues forum topic for more information, e.g. premiums and duping.

Amazing. They actually managed to do more than just Soon™. Somebody gives K2-Raven a cookie.

I used 150 Adelina's Booty Searches (ABS) for Summer Magic loot update (since 12 March), and got the following...

Prized Booty
Silver Skullic Bracer
Rose Camellia Costume
Elite Dragon Coat Recipe
Elite Rescue Suit Recipe
Old Chess Piece
Liquefied Gas

Other Finds
10 Amethyst Piece x2
Ancient Star Orb x3
Ancient Rune - Ti x3
Ancient Rune - Te x2
Ancient Rune - An x2
Ancient Rune - Ar
Ancient Damaged Galzium x2
5 Pet Food x5
Ring Box x3
Andre's Costume Box x4
Karja's Vanity Box x5
Frogfish Spinelle x2
Amber Bee Spinelle x3
Elite Storm Cockatrice Spinelle x2

The spinelles are mainly for kill or drops in order to complete quests. Most of the prized booty are gained in the first 60 searches. The remaining 105 are insignificant items, such as Offensive Fillers, Soul Crystals, EXP Cards, Golden Apples, Brains of Bat, Watermelon Skins, etc.

The previous ABS loot updates were Claire & the Red-Nosed Reindeer (9 Feb) and Sparkling Lights (24 Feb). It seems that ABS loot updates about once every 2 weeks, so the next loot update should be coming in a few days.

Under a new "management", the family re-activated and followed up on the old remaining quests, completing Prison de Joaquin's Secret and Katovic Snowfield Quests after farming Cabbages for Invierno.

The family entered Bellem's Ruins and looted Elite Striform and Elite Peacemaker. They also found Silver Controller: Defense in Deprimida Valley and Great Rotating Blades Ring in Katovic Snowfield. A Golden Spider also dropped a Wooden Controller DR+2. The family also went to General Secret Temple, recovering 6 Old Hero's Seals.

The family recruited Ymir (Claude) and trained him in Rion Dungeon Hollow. Meanwhile, Alicia (f/elementalist) trained in Fire Island and Deprimida Valley.

Every version of GE has its own translation problems...

According to Kaioujin in Summer Magic forum thread (pages 22-23), v3.2 patch will be coming to SGE, tentatively in April:

We're trying to get a lot of new costumes for you guys but now IMC's busy preparing V3.2 for sGE. But those costumes are definitely coming.

Tentatively in April. Nice update for PvP fans though I reckon.

The following contents on v3.1 and v3.2 are taken from 散歩道. Actual content for SGE may differ.

What To Expect In v3.1?
  • Daily event missions using reputation points.
  • MCC buff. See Combination Buff.
  • Web controller.
  • Raw materials for Lv.36-68 elite recipes modified.
  • Screaming of Spirits timing modified.
  • Pigling pet added.
  • New stock character costumes.
  • Reputation reward for Secret Guard increased by 33%.
  • +5/+6 expert impervium (aka lacquer) added to cash shop.
  • Price of general/veteran impervium reduced.
  • Andre's Costume Box and Karja's Vanity Box removed, and replaced by Back Costume Box, Body Costume Box, RNPC Head Costume Box, and Stock Head Costume Box.

What To Expect In v3.2?
  • Team Arena for PvP added. See The One About Team Arena and Survive the Team Arena.
  • Event mission times (e.g. Super Fight) modified.
  • Panda pet added, and pet box added to Feso Shop.
  • 7th barrack (aka quarter) added.
  • Family level expanded to Lv.60. Lv.41 adds +1 to ATK Speed. Lv.51 adds +1 to DEF.
  • Veteran/expert promotions affect family level.
  • Special birthday gift added.
  • Pigling pet box added to Feso Shop.
  • Land of the Dead modified to allow quick movement.
  • Pioneering memorials added to Forgotten/Ancient Territories.
  • Base EXP increased: Deprimida Valley 20%, Via Fluvial 20%, Skullic Dungeon 1F/2F 50%, Ancient Territory 50%
  • Price of expert promotion scroll set reduced.
  • Drop rate of rumin (aka rough stone) increased.
  • Devil's Wings (1/7-days), Phoenix Wings (1/7-days), Battlesmith Idge Card, Emilia the Sage Card, and Soho the Wind Card added to Feso Shop.

Update: Hrin's Blog states that v3.2 patch will likely be implemented on 9 April 2009. See here.

More Update: See sGE's v3.2 Patch Notes for more information.

Since SGE is having its weekly maintenance today, I wanted to login to SNW to make an inventory of all the stuffs in Ashardalon family while I take a break from there. I was unable to login (no surprise there). Checking the forum reveals some news. I guess I just have to make an inventory log another day.

Sword of the New World
K2 Team finally issued a compensation for weeks of unstable servers. All SNW players will get 50% EXP Boost for 3 days, starting on 18 March 2009 (PST). Unfortunately, the servers went down AGAIN about 22 hours later. Naturally, lots of QQ-ing were going on in the forum as usual. See 50% EXP Boost and All Servers Down forum topics.

Singapore Granado Espada
On the other hand, SGE had a 2-hour ad hoc maintenance on 13 March 2009, and is compensating all players who logged in on 12-13 March (6 pm, GMT+8) with 1 x Expert Combat Manual (1-day) and 1 x Ancient Shelter Pass (1-day). See Ad Hoc Maintenance 1315hrs to 1530hrs and Item Reimbursement.

Hm. I was looking for a picture of a broken server, and found this...

As mentioned in Super-Fight Week, v2.9 patch introduced General Secret Temple for low-level characters. This is basically the same map as the old Secret Temple (aka High-Grade Secret Temple), and is accessible via the warp gate in Thueringen Lakeside at 12 noon (channel 1 ONLY), 8 pm, and 10 pm (server time).

This low-level Secret Temple limits characters up to Lv.90. (The article linked above says Lv.80, but that is wrong.)

The boss is Hill Giant (Lv.80), and the mini-boss is Wahlansche (Lv.78). Like all Super-Fights, the boss spawns 30 minutes after the opening of the warp gate in the middle of the map.

The boss drops 2 Old Hero's Seals, while the mini-boss drops just 1 Old Hero's Seal. You can trade 3 Old Hero's Seals with the NPC at the Super-Fight warp gate for 1 Hero's Seal, which is needed for Enhanced RES Necklace Recipes and Selva's Recruitment Quest.

Other loots include Lv.84 enchantment chips, Lv.80-88 equipment, and Lv.92 unique weapons. The regular mobs drop Sun Stones (1,000 feso each).

... & Sword of the New World
This v2.9 feature is not yet available in Sword of the New World, since K2 still refused to reveal ETA date for the rest of v2.9.

Nothing much happened this week. I barely login, since the persistent problems with Sword of the New World pretty much made me lose confidence about the future of the game. It seems like the servers are now stable, but there is still no word about updates, unless you accept Soon™ as an answer. Since I won't be online much, the family left Telos clan. I was getting tired of all the inter-clan drama as well. I'd probably remain inactive until K2 gets their act together... or maybe just AFK all the way in Ancient Area.

Anyway, the veterans farmed a bit at Katovic Snowfield for more Cabbages, also finding Glacial Lily, Parade Riposte Ring, Peace Insignia, Head of Mantis, Outlaw's Cigar, Zebra Skin, and Shaft Hammer Recipe. It took 6 tries to process the first socket on Bracelet of Leviathan, costing 110,500 vis each. So the GQ Zircon was finally added to the bracelet.

I got hold of an SGE account (Lv.20 family) from a previous faction-mate who quitted, and was messing around with it. Lv.92 elite armor recipes are cheap in SGE. Since I'm tired of trying to trade ELV for EMS in SNW, I crafted Elite Metallic Suit for the expert fighter there. SGE Rembrandt is undergoing deflation, although cash shop items are still more expensive than those in SNW Orpesia. Vis seems hard to make there, as everyone is selling, but few if any are buying.

I found a cool screenshot of the female wizard at Old Port of Coimbra from cordial's blog. Looks somewhat evil and cool at the same time, kinda reminds me of the succubus...

The light Coquettes in Sylphs aloft repair,
And sport and flutter in the Fields of Air.
- A. Pope, The Rape of the Lock, Canto 1

The sylph is an invisible elemental creature of air in Western thought, originating from Paracelsus, a 16th Century alchemist and occultist. In his famous satirical poem The Rape of the Lock, Alexander Pope mocked the alchemical tradition by presenting the sylph as being chemically condensed humors of peevish women. Women who are full of vanity become sylphs when they die.

Nothing much happened this week, due to the massive disconnections, lag, and extended maintenance. Ifrit managed to gain some levels at Gigante Beach though.

With the help of Astell family, 2 Katovic Soups were acquired. One was used to revive Garcia, who turns out to be one of the Ten Nobles, along with Fritz and Novia. The other soup will be kept for Cortes in Selva's recruitment quest. So, there is no need to complete the katovic quests for Garcia and Selva, since you only need the soup. (You can just ask a friend who has "opened" the cooking pot with Trace of Cruelty quest to make the soup for you, or just buy the soup from another player.)

Wait... he is a noble of Vespanola AND lieutenant of Bristia? Huh?

Viki, Visca (Grace), and Jack did a series of Lv.3 Trinity missions by themselves out of boredom, looting Lv.52 Elite Knuckle, Lv.52 Elite Eared Dagger, Genocide Ring, Freezing Spear Ring, and lots of junk. Also, Anahita won Mystery Box x1 for Scavenger Hunt.

Now with the broad bug fixed, trash-talkers are flooding the system. How irritating. The PK-ing clan Illier declared war on Aegis clan, then Aegis clan declared war on Fatal clan, whose former leader is now leader of Illier clan. Fatal Clan then declared war on Telos clan. Then after a day or so, Fatal clan switched faction to neutral, while maintaining a state of war. No idea what the heck they are doing.

The Golden Apple is an element that appears often in several myths.

Hippomenes used 3 golden apples he received from Aphrodite to distract Atalanta in a competitive race. By winning the race, he won her hand in marriage. They were eventually turned into lions as punishment for having sex in a sacred temple.

The golden apples also featured in the 11th labor of Hercules. The apples grew in the Garden of Hesperides, guarded by the dragon Ladon. The orchard grew from the wedding gift from Gaea to Hera. Ladon was eventually killed and the apples stolen by Hercules.

The golden apple was also the Apple of Discord, with the inscription "for the fairest one". Three goddesses claimed the apple: Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. This resulted in the Judgment of Paris, wherein the goddesses tried to bribe him with kingship (Hera), wisdom (Athena), and the most beautiful woman (Aphrodite). Paris chose Aphrodite to receive Helen as his wife, leading to the start of the Trojan War.

Is Sword of the New World dying with the staff covering things up to milk it for what it's worth? Or just the half-sane rumblings of melodramatic doomsayers? Many rumors have been circulating for some time, but most players simply dismissed them as such. But there are real, persistent problems with the game, and it is not a good sign that players are often left in the dark to speculate by themselves. There are lots of forum topics about this. I will just summarize the issues here. Personally, I'm having doubts and losing faith about the future of SNW now. It's a pity though.

Lack of Game Updates
After v2.9 was introduced, only one patch Update 4.5, which is mostly bug fixes, was added on 29 Oct 2008. That was 4 months ago. There has been no update ever since. SNW patched v2.9 about a week before SGE, but now SGE is already far into v3.0 and SNW still haven't release Claire or Bahamar Ancient Area yet, not to mention Reboldeaux Culverts. Heck, if I'm not wrong, even the bug for Calyce's veteran stance quest has not been fixed.

Mass Disconnections
There has been multiple mass disconnections every week. The emergency maintenance that happened soon after never seemed to really fix the problem for good, leaving the impression that they are doing little more than temporarily holding the problem back instead of really fixing it.

Market Crashes
Furthermore, when a mass disconnection happens, the market sometimes also crashes. All items placed with the Market Manager will be lost. Tickets must then be submitted before they restore the lost items after a couple of days. It is a nuisance. I have never experienced this when I was playing SGE from open beta to v2.4.

Lack of Website Updates
The SNW website has not been updated for a long time. The list of leading clans and top barons are months old. Since 29 Oct 2008, there are 5 articles in the news section: 1 about patch notes, 2 maintenance notices, 1 event notice, and 1 premium promotion notice. Compare this to other editions of GE, such as SGE, which have lots of articles on the website every month. The main website is where potential new players visit first. (Experienced players will just go straight to the forums.) A barely updated main site does not leave a very good impression. It is as if the staff don't really care anymore.

Lack of Communication With the Community
What exactly is happening to SNW? When (approximately) will the rest of v2.9 be released? Why are there so many disconnections? Does any player really know? It has been 4 months since the last patch, and all the players know about further patches is... an ambiguous "Soon". There is no road-map or progress update concerning game updates and server problems.

Lack of communication just leads to unnecessary speculations. If you have to keep your customers waiting, you should at least update them on the progress. Is it so hard to let the community know something like... "We're currently fixing a bug in Claire's quest. Low-level super-fights and Bahamar Ancient Area are working fine, and will released together with Claire. ETA: 3 weeks from now"?

Missing Gold
Today, players are complaining about gold (i.e. cash shop credits) missing from their accounts. So now players spend real money to top-up and risk having gold missing randomly? I'd just end this entry with a quote by Baltrus here:

WHERE has my gold disappeared and how? Has it gone random?

I really will stop investing my cash for such a bugged, not maintained, unstable Game where company representatives don't even dare to tell their customers what's going on.


The veterans continued farming in Katovic Snowfield and finally collected enough materials for Trace of Cruelty quest and for Garcia. I'm not sure if I can endure farming a 3rd set for Selva. Maybe I should abandon Trace of Cruelty quest and get another player to use the 2 sets of materials to make 2 Katovic Soups instead. They also found Grim-Wight and Elite Laranja e Preto Recipe there.

The experts looted Elite Robe of Uranus and Elite Sniper Rifle from Bellem's Relics. Anahita (f/sco) won Mystery Box x1 from Scavenger Hunts and Mystery Box x5 plus Triumph Filler x80 from Hydroponics' Quitting Events. For her hunting efforts, Anahita (f/sco) was finally promoted to Veteran status. Then with the help of some friendly farmers, the family looted 2 Hero Seals from Battle Colosseum to prepare for Selva's quests.

There was 1 mass disconnection and 1 emergency maintenance experienced this week. The family went offline for a day, only to return and find that the Orpesia market has crashed yet again. Meanwhile, the war continued with the bunch of semi-quitters and AFK PK-ers from Illier clan. This nuisance is getting annoying. Here's a cheesy quote from Fritz: