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Sword of the New World is moving its forums to G1 Forums on 24 July 2009. For details, see the forum topics on Forums Are Moving! and The G1 Community. See also G1 Forums General Guidelines.

I still can't edit my G1 profile to link the accounts. Ugh, whatever. I think I'd just leave it for now. Anyway, I made a signature userbar for the new forum account. It's nothing fancy, but it will do.

The signatures for survivors and casualties of the Great Downtime of 2009 have already been mentioned here. I found a few other GE-related signatures online as well.



For how to make your own userbars, see Make A Userbar In The Gimp and Photoshop Tutorial: How To Make A Userbar. The standard userbar font is Visitor TT1 BRK. You can download GIMP Portable for Windows here.

Lost Favorites
Since the new forums do not allow animated signatures, some of the old forum favorites, such as the signatures of Snowhusky and Barstool, will have to be retired.




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