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Under a new "management", the family re-activated and followed up on the old remaining quests, completing Prison de Joaquin's Secret and Katovic Snowfield Quests after farming Cabbages for Invierno.

The family entered Bellem's Ruins and looted Elite Striform and Elite Peacemaker. They also found Silver Controller: Defense in Deprimida Valley and Great Rotating Blades Ring in Katovic Snowfield. A Golden Spider also dropped a Wooden Controller DR+2. The family also went to General Secret Temple, recovering 6 Old Hero's Seals.

The family recruited Ymir (Claude) and trained him in Rion Dungeon Hollow. Meanwhile, Alicia (f/elementalist) trained in Fire Island and Deprimida Valley.

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What if it really was meant to be the spear of Jizz? (:

LOL. Its the Cabbage Merchant from Avatar! xD