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Time Piece - Nephthys

Introduced in v9.5, all Time Piece (aka Time Paradox) missions come in 2 versions - normal and broken. You can select which type in the room creation window. Broken Time Piece mission is easier, but rewards less crystals from its roulette.

This raid mission is mainly for collecting Strata Devil Weapon materials and for making Evil Weapons (ATK Rating 34) - fire bracelet, ice bracelet, lightning bracelet, and elemental bracelet.

The following monster statistics are from (Normal) Time Paradox (v18.07.08). Bosses and mini-bosses in (Normal) Time Paradox tend to have more hit points (about 30-40% more) and ATK/DEF Rating. It is also needed for Piece of Nephthys (quest item) in Recruit Beatrice quests. You must be alive and near the boss when he dies to acquire the quest item.

Mission Information
Location: Viron (E7)
Frequency: 2/day
Duration: 60 minutes
Participants: 1-12
Entry Cost: Free (1/day), 200 Shiny Crystals (2/day)
Requirement: Must have [Time Crystal] Nephthys quest to receive roulette reward

In v23.63.43, you can redo the mission by paying 200 Shiny Crystals. The maximum number of participants for Time Piece missions was reduced from 24 to 12.

A tank is recommended in the squad. Damage dealers should preferably be shooters, due to the boss' low DEF. Emilia is preferred over other [Enhanced Tactics] users, due to her ability to use [Protection Field].

A dedicated [Whole Cancellation] team is not necessary, as they will most likely die when Naraka Cavalry Soldiers activate. Unless Nephthys is prevented from using her skill, melee debuffers (e.g. Lisa, Battle Smith Idge) tend to die as well. They are still somewhat useful for Ararat Defenders, however.

1. Kill Wolfriners
Kill all the Wolfriners in the main corridor. Tank goes forward to provoke, while damage dealers come in from behind. If they are not killed, Ararat Defenders will summon them into the room later when they are reduced to 25% HP.

Wolfriner • Lv.127 Demon • Soft Armor • None • Medium
HP 5,597,820 • ATK Rating 73 • ATK 46,305 • DEF Rating 66 • DEF 147
Penetration 100 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 20 • RES - Fire 75, Ice 75, Lightning 75, Mental 75

2. Kill Ararat Defenders
Go to one of the northern rooms (D4 or I4), where Ararat Defender waits in the middle alcove, flanked by 2 Mages in the side alcoves. Tank should go in first to provoke Ararat Defender, with Emilia standing by in [Darkness] stance. Meanwhile, the damage dealers should go into the room and kill both Mages. Like their counterparts in Lucifer Castle Basement Warehouse, the Mages can curse characters, making them red and attackable by other players. Try to avoid area attacks that may hit other players. Click on the Mages to attack; do not use spacebar attack as it may target "red" players instead.

Mage of Pain/Greed • Lv.130 Demon • Soft Armor • None • Medium
HP 19,320,000 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 21,870 • DEF Rating 70 • DEF 250
Penetration 100 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 30 • RES - Fire 90, Ice 90, Lightning 90, Mental 95

The Mages have green gauge bars. Once they are full, a zone notice will announce: Mage puts [buff name] spell on defender. There are 5 different types of buffs:
  • [Furious Colony] increases ATK and ATK Rating
  • [Furious Colony] increases Movement Speed and ATK Speed
  • [Melee Weakening] reduces melee damage taken by the monster
  • [Magic Weakening] reduces magic damage taken by the monster
  • [Shooting Weakening] reduces shooting damage taken by the monster 
While provoking Ararat Defender, the tank can ignore most of the above buffs. However, once [Furious Colony] (ATK Rating version) is applied, Emilia should quickly move forward to use [Whole Cancellation] to remove the buff.

Ararat Defender • Lv.132 Lifeless • Heavy Armor • None • Large
HP 19,766,400 • ATK Rating 74 • ATK 166,212 • DEF Rating 70 • DEF 319
Penetration 100 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 50 • RES - Fire 90, Ice 90, Lightning 90, Mental 99

Once both Mages are dead, the buffs are removed as well. Simply attack Ararat Defender from behind until he is dead. If there are melee attackers, use [Protection Field] if needed. When reduced to 25% HP, a zone notice will announce: The defender is screaming to call Wolfriner. If you killed all the Wolfriners earlier, then just ignore it. After it is dead, move on to the other northern room (D4 or I4) and repeat.

It is possible to kill Ararat Defender without killing the Mages first, but this is very inefficient since the Mages are easy to kill, while the buffed Ararat Defender is more trouble than it is worth.

3. Kill Nephthys
Once both Ararat Defenders are dead, a zone notice will announce: Nephthys is born at the area where the magical power concentrates. Nephthys will appear in F8/G8, surrounded by 8 inactive Naraka Calvary Soldiers.

Nephthys • Lv.136 Demon • Soft Armor • None • Large
HP 62,020,800 • ATK Rating 76 • ATK 289,785 • DEF Rating 71 • DEF 187
Penetration 100 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 20 • RES - Fire 80, Ice 90, Lightning 55, Mental 90

There are at least 2 methods to kill her. The first method is to use a tank to provoke her directly, and withstand all her attacks. Her normal attacks deal physical damage, while her [Poison Fly] skill deals magical damage.

Therefore, set your tank to maximize monster damage reduction and magic damage reduction in Family Attributes window (Ctrl + T). Use a shield with Daemon ATK -25% enchantment, even a Lv.92 elite shield is fine. Then, use the following buff set:

[Principal] + [Melee Enhancement] + [Magic Barrier] + [Spell Break Rhythm] + [Maestoso] + [Con Impeto] + Blue Lollipop + Hrin's Potion + Defensive/Triumph Filler + White Tiger (or Acorchado) Pet

The tank simply runs up and provokes her. Damage dealers come in close once she is secured by the tank. Emilia can use [Whole Cancellation] on her to prevent Nephthys from spamming skills. The tank can also use [Sacred Guard] to gain more HP and damage reduction. However, do not use this too often as it disables skills, including [Provoke].

When Nephthys is reduced to about 75% HP, a zone notice will announce: Naraka cavalry soldier is awake as Nephthys detects a danger. Two Naraka Cavalry Soldiers will become active. Later on, at 50% and 25% HP, 3 more soldiers will become active. By this time, damage dealers should keep [Protection Field] on all their characters at all times. Use Blue Lollipop too, if necessary.

Naraka Cavalry Soldier • Lv.130 Demon • Heavy Armor • None • Medium
HP 25,116,000 • ATK Rating 77 • ATK 109,350 • DEF Rating 68 • DEF 225
Penetration 55 • Magic Penetration - Fire 30, Ice 30, Lightning 30, Mental 30
Immunity 50 • RES - Fire 75, Ice 75, Lightning 75, Mental 75

Once the soldiers activate, it is likely any wizard doing [Whole Cancellation] will die soon after. The soldiers change targets frequently, so it is difficult to kite or tank them properly away from the damage dealers. The soldiers are also leashed to Nephthys, so if either is too far away, they will teleport back to her.

The soldiers can inflict [Stun] status, and deal knock-down skills. All damages are physical. The tank can use [The Sieger] to reduce knock down time, and use Progressive Health Fillers (with one of the other 2 characters) if he gets stunned. So the key here is to kill Nephthys as fast as possible, while ignoring the soldiers.

The second method is to use [Invulnerable] on Leonele, who runs forward to attack Nephthys using [Overrange Shot] skill. Once she is after him, run around the four pillars in the middle of the room. Nephthys moves slowly, so just make sure you stay ahead of her. If needed, periodically attack her again with [Overrange Shot] to secure her hostility.

Meanwhile, other attackers will move in to attack her from behind. Avoid using damage skills, as this may provoke Nephthys away from the kiting Leonele. If Nephthys changes target, the new target should become the kite instead.

The point of kiting is to prevent her from using her [Poison Fly] skill. Basically, if she is close enough to hit you, she is close enough to use skill. So if she stops moving and starts attacking you, you are too close. Keep moving.

The tank should stay between the pillars, and provoke Naraka Cavalry Soldiers as much as possible. Spamming [Protection Field] sometimes also help to keep their attention. Again, the point here is to kill Nephthys as fast as possible, while the tank occupies the soldiers.

You do not need to kill Naraka Cavalry Soldiers. If the squad can deal out fast enough damage for all the soldiers, you might as well just finish Nephthys off as fast as possible instead. If you need to re-buff, run outside into the main corridor, but be careful not to drag Nephthys along.

Alternatively, you can use Sirius as a tank to kite her along in the corridor, using his range skills.

Nephthys may drop White Gold Bars, Lv.92/96/100/Veteran Enchantment Chips, Lv.92 Elite Equipment, Lv.96 Elite Weapon (rare), Lv.100 Elite Weapon (rare), Le Noir, Pieces of Naraka, and 1-3 of each Nephthys' Strata Devil Weapon materials (e.g. Corazon of Nephthys, Rhodolite of Nephthys).

Note that once Nephthys dies, you can no longer use potions or Soul Crystals. However, the Naraka Soldiers will remain behind, so you need to loot quickly before they kill you.

The roulette will spin immediately upon the death of the boss for players with [Time Crystal] Nephthys quest. Bonus roulette costs 1,500,000 Vis.

Roulette Reward Broken Normal Rate
Portable Ancient Star Orb Box (10,000) 1 1 1.5%
Time Crystal: Nephthys 1 1-3 5.5%
Time Crystal: Nephthys 2 4-5 92.0%
Time Crystal: Nephthys 3 6-7 1.0%

In v23.63.43, the boss drops only 1-5 Rhodolite, Holy Water, Corazon, and Otite of Nephthys.

Once the boss is dead, roulette chest will appear where the boss first appears. Broken Time Piece mission rewards 1-4 Time Crystals, while normal Time Piece mission rewards 2-8 Time Crystals. Portable Ancient Star Orb Box has also been removed from the roulette. The amount of Time Crystals required to make Evil Weapon has been reduced from 600 to 150. Bonus roulette still costs 1,500,000 Vis.

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Ashardalon said…
Solo + alt buffer on full TP Neph - GE General 奈芙蒂斯. Needs large DPS output to kill it that fast though.
- Invulnerable ele + electric blaster to aggro/kite Neph out of room.
- JD attacks Neph after a few ele skills.
- When Naraka spawns, PF all characters. Emilia WC Neph, and aggro Naraka.
- Ele kites Neph when WC expires. JD attacks Neph, Emi attacks Naraka.