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Starting Granado Espada Online

Granado Espada Online is a fantasy free-to-play MMORPG developed by IMC Games. Originally released in South Korea in 2006, the game has seen localization in many regions. T3Fun offers the latest English localization for North America region.

The unique feature of this game is Multi-Character Control (MCC), allowing you to control up to 3 characters at any one time. Control itself is simple, achieved by using the hot-keys and main menu. The game itself offers more than 70 different characters - each with his/her unique abilities in swords, gun-fights, magic, or support - for you to play! For a sample of characters, see Granado Espada Online's website - Game Info: Characters.

T3Fun's Granado Espada Online also allows game data transfer from Sword 2, previously operated by GamersFirst. For a game transfer walkthrough, see Account Transfer Guide forum topic by Ivan Dobsy.

Game Publisher: T3Fun
Game Website: Granado Espada Online
Client Download Link: Game Download
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) - New York
Active Servers: 1 - "Castilla"
Game Version: 10.23.4
Countdown To Launch!

If you just want to plunge into this new game, see Quick Start guide to take your first steps into the new world, covering family/character creation, keyboard help, in-game tutorials, and the starting quests.

So you have taken your steps into Granado Espada. Have you wondered about what came before? What are the events that transpired to bring you to the New World, set the nations against each other, and affected the various NPCs in the game? See Background Story for a quick review of the narrative setting.

The game is controlled by various commands, most of which are accessible via the main menu located at the top of the screen. See Main Menu for a list of functions and commands.

Granado Espada Online has a progressive story, driven by different scenario quests. Many characters will also join your family if you completed their recruitment quests. See Quests labelled posts for related articles, including selected character recruitment and scenario quests.

The game also offers many repeatable quests, ensuring that you will never run out of things to do. One of the major quest revisions for v10.23 is the replacement of pioneering memorials by the new pioneer merchant houses. See Pioneer Merchants for more details on what the merchant houses offer!

Granado Espada Online features many raids. A list is available in one of the Main Menu commands. There are 2 main types:
  • Field Raids are raids which are located in open zones, thus subject to inter-player competition. 
  • Raid Missions are raids in which each group of raiders create their own rooms to raid independently of each other.
One of the major raid revision of v10.23 is the addition of new missions and relocation of old ones in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge. See Coimbra Bridge Missions for a complete list of missions.

See also Missions & Raids labelled posts for other raid-related articles.

Granado Espada Online features many events regularly, such as:
  • Colony War, where you can fight with other players to enable your party (aka clan) to occupy territories.
  • World PvP, where you can fight with other players from any active server in special rooms individually or as a team.
  • Legion War, where you can join either the Royalists or Republicans to fight both players and NPCs in the major cities.
  • Castilla Treasure Hunt, where you can search for hidden treasure chests in Castilla Ruins and Castilla Temple.
There are also festive in-game events, such as Halloween and Christmas, to spread seasonal moods and interests. See Events labelled posts for related articles.