[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

SG GE Update B1.0.7

IAHGames has updated Singapore servers of Granado Espada to B1.0.7. See Patch Notes - B1.0.7 and Download Links - B1.0.7.
  • New Characters - Sharon [Quest], Barrel [Quest], Marchetti [Quest]
  • New Stances - Trance Robo [Quest]
  • New Missions - Kielce Back Street, Kielce Night, Ruins of Spirit
  • New Artifacts & Accessories
  • New Family Buff System
  • Event - Combat/Stance EXP +100% until Feb 14. Free artifacts for entering Kielce. [Source]
  • Event - Design A Loading Screen and Contest Results

Loading Screen by Casafuego (Rembrandt)

[NA] Return To Bristia
T3Fun also made an announcement about Bristia update "soon". Based on the intro page, it seems we will be getting Heyran and Bristia Weapons.
After taking down Viscount Montoro, let's head back to the continent of Orpesia, where the defeated enemies of Vespanola, Bristia, lie. You will engage in a new main quest line and help out the Bristian Liberation Army in setting their homeland free from the clutches of the Vespanolans.

Please keep posted on our Forums and Announcement Boards for more information about this great upcoming new patch! Don't forget to check out the new introduction page that we made just for you!
Actually, the title is totally wrong. Because, although some NPC (e.g. Grace Bernelli) came from Bristia, the pioneer families themselves came from Vespanola, not Bristia. Chances are that the pioneer families have never been to Bristia, so it can't be considered a "return"... It should have been Orpesia (name of the old continent) instead.

Maintenance Patch Notes - Jan 23, 2013
Colony War will be starting every Sunday at 15:00 (EST)... which is kind of stupid, since the war usually lasts 2 hours and Alliance War starts every Sunday at 16:00 (EST). It seems like they are taking poll now however - see here.

It has been 2 weeks since the game launch, and still all equipment in the inventory and vault are blank instead of having their original enchantments. I have some mercenary warrants on another account, waiting to use the Master Cards and transfer the characters over, but it seems like there is a bug preventing anyone from employing mercenaries - see here. They had the entire week to work with, and could only fix Fighter's CON stat...

Special RedBana Pet
T3Fun is having a poll for an exclusive pet - bear, white wolf, or raptor (dinosaur).

Lyndon Box Event
T3Fun is launching Lyndon's Box, a cash-based roulette game. See here for how to play the game. The first will run from Jan 23 to Feb 06, 2013. It includes Crystal Weapons (AR34), Blue Serpent Armors (DR31), Impervium +7: Expert, and Character Cards - Cadet Adriana, Sharon, Grandies, Beatrice, and Ion.

Some players are not too happy about Cadet Adriana, since other localizations got her for free as an event reward. See Cadet Adriana Event Preview and Taiwan GE Update v10.6.0.