Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

New GE Online Launched

The new North American edition of Granado Espada has been launched on Jan 09, 2013 (EST). There were some server hiccups from 20:00-22:00 (EST).

The game client can be downloaded here. If you chose the non-Torrent option to download, be sure to remove Pando Media Booster after installation as it has been known to leech bandwidths and induce lag - see here for details.

Game Transfer from Sword2
If you have already opted for transfer on G1 side before Jan 02, 2013, you may continue to complete the transfer by doing the following:
  1. Create a new T3Fun account here. Note that your T3Fun e-mail cannot have more than 15 characters for its ID. For example, is fine, but is not.
  2. Go to Sword2 Membership Transfer page.
  3. Click Login T3FUN button, and enter your T3Fun username and password.
  4. Enter your Sword2 ID, Sword2 password, and Sword2 e-mail address, and click Confirm button.
  5. Check for a confirmation e-mail at your T3Fun e-mail address, and click on the link provided.
If you opted for transfer at G1 only after Jan 02, you may complete the transfer only on Jan 16, 2013. If you have not opt for transfer yet, you may still do so at G1 Website until Jan 14, 2013.
  • For Step #4, use the e-mail when you first agreed to transfer, even if you changed the e-mail at G1 after transfer agreement. [Link]
  • For Step #4, if your account was created under K2 (Sword of the New World) and then linked to a G1 account, use the e-mail that was registered with K2. (Do not use the e-mail you use/see at G1 User Profile, unless they were the same when you linked the accounts.) When you registered with K2 previously, there should be a confirmation e-mail from with the subject as Sword of the New World -- Registration. [Link]
  • For Step #5, if you are not getting a confirmation e-mail even after waiting, try using Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or G-mail when creating a T3Fun account instead. [Link]
See Updated Q&AGuide to Transfer Multiple Accounts, and Known Solutions & Discussions for more information.
As everyone mentioned here, such conflicts will not happen. Once you have created a family name on one server, no one else will be able to create it on any other server. Only you can do that from the same account. - G1-Raiden

If anyone has missed the opportunity to transfer, then please do so by clicking on this link and logging in to the account. The S2 website has been redirect to T3, however, the transfer page will remain active till 14th January. This is your final boarding call. - G1-Raiden

Update Previews
See the following update previews:
  1. Ludin, Veronif, Daria, Natalie, Devil Armors, Secret Garden
  2. Farm, Pioneer Merchants, Moonlight Garden
  3. Evil Weapons, Blitz Assault, Wanted Shot
  4. Ion, Telekinesis, Gigante Secret Room, New Party Missions, Revised Missions
  5. Beatrice, Adriana, Lucifer Hall/Corridor, Devil Accessories, Costume Exchange
  6. Twisted Space-Time Room, Grandies, Vincent
  7. Elisa, Construction Stances, Revised Promotions, New Missions
  8. Cruise, Catherine/Panfilo/Karjalain Stances, Torsche's Annex, Ancient Castilla Temple
  9. Tora, Mary, Viki's Expert Stance, Costume Purchase
  10. Sharon, Family Attribute System, Faction Vault, Custom Wing Purchase
  11. Premium Shop & Feso Shop Preview

GE Online Launch Events - Jan 09-23, 2013
  1. Transfer your Sword2 account and receive 3 Event Master Cards, Master Explorer Pack, and Invariant Medal (all stats +1) from Leonardo - Receive Premium Items.
  2. Create a new family and reach family level 3 to get 3 Event Master Cards. Valid until Jan 23, 2013.
  3. Double EXP/Drop Rates.
  4. Event NPC Letizia in Reboldeaux gives [Powerful Buff: AR+1, DR+1, ATK Speed +10%, Movement +10%, DEF +10] for 24 hours. 
  5. Bonus mission roulette costs only 1 Vis.

Post-Launch Issues
The game seems to just rip off the translations by IAHGames, using the localized item/map/character names for Singapore servers. For example, Glazium (aka Polish/Abrasive), Sacred Chaos Requiem (Caebolan/Sedecram), Port of Bahia (Port of Gigante), Feng Ling (Soso), etc. Sigh. Can't they just use the default names with some corrections for grammar/spelling? Don't try to fix what isn't broken.

Currently, all equipment in the inventory/vault have blank enchantment, even those items that come with fixed enchantments (e.g. Tracking Boots). Also, some items (e.g. White Santa Hat) displayed error for icons in the item details. I expect they will fix this soon - best not to re-enchant anything just yet.

I heard there was some issues with trade lock as well. Meanwhile, the official forum seems to be down...


IAHed said…
Arg put my question under the wrong post.


I only noticed that late people can only transfer "after Jan 16th" on your post here. Do you think that's what is causing the "Information is Incorrect" error?

I'm pretty sure I'm using the email I registered with, but the password is new (G1 forced me to change it when I logged in)
maca davres said…
In granado espada official website, in the announcement section, a maintenance for the forum has been announced! (allocating more resources)
maca davres said…
It seems we all also lost our affiliation (my account didnt get its dronarati medal, and family profile said Neutral...)
To be confirmed :)
skiwi said…
Number of channels differs per zone.
Ashardalon said…
@IAHed: "Late" people are those who opted for transfer after G1 closed their servers. These will be transferred later as a 2nd wave on Jan 16.

If you agreed to transfer before Jan 02 (i.e. G1 closing their servers), you should be able to transfer now. "Incorrect info" is the result of entering the wrong Sword2 ID/password/e-mail.

If your account is created during K2-era, use the e-mail you used for K2, and not the one you used for G1. (See what I wrote in the blog post.)

If your account is created during G1-era, then just use the e-mail you used for G1. If you change G1 e-mail after agreeing to transfer, use the old e-mail before the change.

I haven't heard problems involving passwords. But if you changed, just try both old and new.

@maca davres: I don't think affiliation is lost. We still got the medals, and Brown quests are still accessible.