[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Main Menu

The main menu is located at the top-middle of the screen. It is visible by default, but you can turn it off/on by pressing Alt + U. There are 13 icons, which often includes sub-menu.

This main menu icon lists 7 sub-menu commands, relating to premium items.

Open Cash Shop
This window opens the Cash Shop, through which you can buy premium items using cash shop credits.

Open Feso Shop
This window opens the Feso Shop, through which you can buy selected premium items using Feso. You may also sell Sun Stones, Moon Stones, and Growth Stones for Feso.

Collect Premium Item
This command retrieves premium items which are injected into your account from the server. This is used usually only for events that give items based on certain player activity.

Premium Treasure Chest
This window offers you the various options available if you have an active Premium Treasure Chest.

Custom Wing
This window allows you to customize premium wings by spending Feso.

Enter Coupon
This window lets you enter certain codes to retrieve promotional items. This is usually used for web events and related promotions.

Lyndon's Box (Pending)
This window allows you to access the mini-game Lyndon's Box.

This main menu icon lists 5 sub-menu commands, relating to communications and community.

Server Board (Ctrl + S)
This window accesses the server board, which includes broadcasts and other announcements. Actual usage depends on game service provider.

Group Chat (Ctrl + G)
This command opens Group Chat window. A chat group is essentially a social medium for group conversations between players who may be from different parties (aka clans). A player may join any one chat group. Each chat group can have up to 50 members. If you do not already have a chat group, you may create one from here.

Friend List (Alt + B)
This opens Friend/Block List window for you to add friend or block player. Your Friend List contains the names and online status of all players who have registered as your "friend".
      The Block List contains the names of all players whom you have blocked. A blocked player's conversation will be censored (e.g. *****) in public chat. Private messages from the player are also disabled. You also will not see the blocked player's broadcasts. Note that game client crashes may sometimes corrupt the block list. See Block List Error for more details.

Secret Guard Lobby (Alt + L)
This window allows you to access Secret Guard options. Secret Guard basically forms a contract between 2 players. One player (family level 15 or more) becomes the guardian, while the other player (family level 14 or less) becomes the apprentice.
      When both players are on the same map and channel, they get certain benefits. The apprentice gains a substantial EXP boost. The guardian gains some EXP boost as well, in addition to reputation points. Both parties may choose to cancel the contract via this window. The contract is automatically cancelled when the apprentice reaches family level 15 or when he adds attribute points (e.g. STR, DEX) to his characters.

Chat Macro (Alt + K)
This opens the Chat Macro window where you can save up to 7 chat messages. Each saved message can then be triggered with the designated hot key (e.g. Alt + 4). You may use chat commands as part of the saved message. For example, you may save the first message as /broad Buying Serpent Rifle to broadcast the same message each time you press Alt + 4.

This main menu icon lists 4 sub-menu commands, relating to basic game information.

Character Book
This window lists all the characters available for recruitment in the game. You may also view their character details, as well as costume dressing room.

Raid Information
This window lists the common field raids and raid missions available in the game.

Pioneering Clan Member List
This window lists all the members of Pioneering Clan. The Pioneering Clan is the default clan for all new families. However, once its limit is reached, new families will start without clan.

Server Clan List
This window lists the details of all clans within the server.

This main menu icon opens the Quest window (Alt + A), which is sorted by quest categories - Scenario, Select, Recruit, Repeat, and Event. You may select a quest to be displayed in the right corner of the screen. To do this, check the box for the desired quest and click [Notification Window] button.

This main menu icon opens the Post Box window, which contains your mail inbox and sent mail. You may write a mail to send to another player, even if he is currently offline. Each mail can contain up to 1,000 characters (including spaces) and costs 10 Vis to send.

This main menu icon lists 4 sub-menu commands, relating to maps and movement.

Favor Rate
This window lists the favor rates of various NPC, such as Lisa, Kurt, June, etc. Certain quests require the NPC to have a specific favor rate before you can proceed to the next quest. Favor rates are increased via specific quests.

World Map (Alt + W)
This opens the world map window. Right-click and drag to move the map. Left-click on the map to close it.
The map displays the various zones, level ranges, and names of the parties occupying the zone colonies. A green highlight indicates the map you are currently in. A blue mail icon indicates a quest in progress in that zone.

Zone Map (Alt + Z)
This opens the zone map window. If you enabled it in Game Options (Alt + O), you may move to a coordinate by left-clicking on the zone map itself.

Town Movement (Alt + F3)
This window lists the locations in the current town that you can instantly "teleport" to. This reduces time spent running from one NPC to another. This function can only be used in selected towns.

This main menu icon lists 5 sub-menu commands, relating to PvP.

World PvP
This window allows you to participate in World PvP, where you can test your PvP skills against players of any server. This is usable only during World PvP sessions. The exact times are yet to be announced by T3Fun.

Hall of Fame
This window lists the rankings and points of individual and team participants of World PvP.

Party Mission Ranking
This window lists the rankings of the parties (aka clans) that have completed the various party missions. Rank is sorted by the shortest time to complete the mission.

Legion Wars Title
This window lists the rankings of players in their respective cliques (aka alliances). Rank is sorted by the highest contribution points. Note that you will receive no contribution points until you joined one of the three alliances. There are 3 sub-windows that can be opened further.
  • [Legion Wars Help] button opens a window to introduce the basics of Legion Wars.
  • [Battlefield Medal] button opens the window that lists all the available medals for Legion Wars.
  • [My Information] button opens the window to display your Legion Wars records (e.g. number of participation, number of victories).
Legion Wars Party Ranking
This window lists the ranking of parties involved in Legion Wars, according to their total points in each alliance.

This main menu icon lists 5 sub-menu commands, relating to your personal possessions.

Inventory (Alt + V)
This window holds your non-premium items, sorted by item categories - Equipment, Consumables, Miscellaneous, Quest, and Costumes. The inventory has a maximum of 248 item slots. Most consumable and miscellaneous items are stackable, thus each stack of items occupy only 1 item slot. You may not stack more than 32,767 of each item. Double left-click on a equipment/consumable item to equip or use it. Sometimes, you are also required to drag (left-click and hold mouse button) and drop (release mouse button) an item on a NPC.
      This window also displays your Vis (in-game currency) and Feso (semi-cash currency). You are limited to a maximum of 2,147,483,647 Vis and Feso. Additional Vis may be held in reserve by buying Elemental Jewels (10,000,000 Vis) or Growth Stones (100,000 Feso).

Premium Item (Ctrl + P)
This window holds your premium items. Most such items are purchased from the Cash Shop. The window also lists the amount of Gold (cash shop credits) you current have available.

Personal Shop (Alt + N)
You may open a personal shop only in certain maps (mostly towns). By default, you can place up to 4 items in the personal shop. Once the shop is opened, you may not move or do anything, except chatting.

Socket Equipment
This window allows you to add or replace Rumin into an item's existing sockets. Simply drag and drop the item into the window, then drag and drop the desired Rumin into the socket. Click [X] button to confirm. To open sockets, you must talk to the Socket Merchant in towns.

Market Cabinet
This window allows you remote access to the market cabinet. The cabinet contains items that you have purchased from the market as well as expired items that did not sell after registering in the market.

This main menu icon lists 7 sub-menu commands, relating to your family information.

Family Information (Alt + R)
This window lists your family information, such as family level, party affiliation, and reputation points. You may add some text in your family profile. The [Change] button is used to switch between your Legion War emblem and your World PvP emblem (if any). To view another player's profile, press Enter to open the chat window, and use the chat command /profile playername.

Pet Information (Alt + P)
This window lists all your pets, and allows you to spawn, cancel, and activate the pet. You must first cancel a pet before you can spawn another one.

My Medal (Ctrl + L)
This window lists all your currently unequipped medals. Double left-click on a medal to equip it on your currently selected character. Some medals grant a boost to your character's abilities when equipped. Move your mouse cursor over a medal to see its description.

My Pose (Alt + X)
This window lists all your available poses. Simply select the desired pose, and click [Execute] button. Poses are disabled while in combat mode. You can acquire more poses by buying the Pose Books from Andre in Reboldeaux.

My Dress Room
This opens the Dress Room for the selected character. You may try out various costumes to see how the character looks.

Pioneer Merchant Information (Ctrl + Shift + M)
This window displays the options available for Pioneer Merchants. Your favor points and shop points are also displayed for each merchant. You may use it to warp to maps that has emergency monster-hunt quests.

Farm (Ctrl + Shift + F)
This window displays the activities currently going on in your farm. It also lists what you can mix and cook. To start on your farm, go to Ustiur Base Camp and talk to the Farmer there to enter a 30-minutes mission. You may enter up to 5 times per day.

This main menu icon opens the window to create a squad. If you are already in a squad, it opens the squad window. You may then invite new squad members, summon members, leave squad, or set the loot distribution rule via the various buttons there.

This main menu icon opens up the party/clan register, showing all the members of your current party/clan and their related information (e.g. online status, family level). The options to invite, leave, or disband a clan are also available from the window. Some options are usable only by clan leaders.

This main menu icon opens the warp list. You may save a location via the [Save] button. The [Execute] button will open a warp gate for the selected location by consuming 1 Warp Scroll. Clicking on the gate will teleport you to the selected location. By default, you may save up to 10 locations. Additional slots are available via Warp Slot License premium item which can be purchased from Cash Shop.

This main menu icon opens the System window, allowing the following options.
  • Choose Channel (Alt + F2)
  • Move to Saved Location
  • To the Quarters
  • Game Options (Alt + O)
  • Logout
  • End Program
  • Cancel
The window also lists the various raid missions and their current statuses (Completed, Available, etc.).