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Journal - End of the New World

So... the end has come for Sword of the New World, hopelessly renamed as Sword 2. Overall, the game service by G1 could have been better. There has been several long delays in version updates. Evidently, the problem couldn't have been with IMC, since other localizations continued to stream forward smoothly. Lack of communications tend to make things worse. I'm hoping the latter won't be an issue with the new publisher, although the long list of Questions for T3Fun remained mostly unanswered and/or ignored in the forums.

Thank You! You may take a break now! [Source]

So far since the last journal update, another Romina was added to the family as a DEX-build alternative to the STR-build Aribeth (Romina). She was named Sinon, after the sniper girl who started playing «Gun Gale Online» to overcome her phobia of guns in the 3rd story arc of Sword Art Online light novels.

Both Sinon (Romina) and Wendigo (Panfilo the Battle Cook) consumed a Master Card to reach Master Lv.1. We replaced Veteran Yaoi (Andre) with a mercenary Master Lv.2, who completed training [Rapiere] stance. Seven other characters were also promoted to Master Lv.1 - Galatea (Catherine STR), Arcee (Catherine DEX), Quetzalcoatl (Nar), Tlazolteotl (Ania), Gilgamesh (Claude), Averroes (Najib Sharif) and Lawliet (Gertrude). Marduk (Alejandro) and Lisbeth (Idge the Battle Smith) reached the level cap at Master Lv.10.

Like most other families, some good stuffs came out of the Alphabet Event and Christmas Event. The latter unfortunately continued to have some bugs until the end. The Santa Costumes for RNPC wasn't in the drop table, as I'm still missing Valeria's costume from last year. No White Christmas Costume for Wizard seems to exist either. And of course, where is Catherine's Christmas Costume?

Here's a snapshot of the family profile just before logging off on the last day. I hope they don't wipe my reputation points - 1,164,839 is a lot of points to regain for the new raid missions. We also hoarded a crap load of EXP Cards for the new characters...

That is a total of 84,671,187,000 EXP, enough to push 20 Lv.100 characters to Master Lv.1. The in-coming new Master Cards will simply add to this... The new server will probably be a mess, as expected from a massive transfer, but well... we'll see.


Eollica said…
Star, do you know if we are getting Sharon with T3Fun or not?
xBelmontx said…
I don't think we will get sharon, she is too recent. I think the newest character we would get is Tora or Mary according to one of ashe's comment from a while back.
Ashardalon said…
Sharon/Tora/Mary/Racel are included inside the client data tables, BUT that doesn't mean they won't be locked out. There's a good chance they might be (esp. Sharon).

T3Fun site said "13 characters", so I'm not expecting Tora/Mary/Racel/Sharon. "13" is what you get from sGE v9.5 + v10.6 (including the 2 cadets).

In fact, none of the 5 T3Fun previews so far revealed any content beyond v10.6. The only things post-v10.6 are the "family attribute passive skills" and "character growth now free" at the T3Fun Intro Site.

So I'm expecting v10.6 content plus some system updates (family level buff, revised promotion) from later versions. I won't expect Sharon/etc. and maybe not even Cath/Builder expert stances either. Hopefully, some side quests will at least be available though.

We'd know for sure in 6 days. (Added a countdown timer to blog sidebar. :p)
Ashardalon said…
Okay, seems like there are some v10.18 stuffs as well. The "preview" at the end of 6th preview -

● 3 New Construction Expert Stances
● 4 New Weekly Mission

The 4 missions should be preferring to Tri-Elemental Force, Endless Greed, etc.
Silfo said…
can someone please tell me all the process for transfer?
xBelmontx said…
You will get all details and instructions for the transfer here:http://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/299388-sword-game-transfer-notice

If you have been playing the game you should have gotten the notice and accepted it ingame, but you can also do so via the G1 website.

But I must point out you may want to make haste since it is already past new year and Sword 2 is no longer active and it will be transfered to T3fun.

Further instructions about the transfer once you accept to transfer it via G1 website will be, then you will have to finish the rest on the T3fun website when it is up later.