Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Quick Start

Once you have downloaded and installed the game client (see Game Download if you haven't), you can start the game client from the shortcut icon on your desktop. After patching, the client will load the login screen. Select a server, then input your user ID and password. This will bring you to your family quarters (aka barracks).

Since this is the first time you are entering the quarters, you need to create a family first. Input a name for your family into the Create Family window, and click [Create] button.

You will be automatically move to Character Creation screen to create 3 characters. You are required to create a Scout as your first character. Select your scout's gender and face type. Give him/her a name, and click [Create Character] button.

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For your second and third characters, you may choose the character occupations as well. Click on the occupation list to select one of the basic characters - Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, Elementalist, or Scout. Once you have created all 3 characters, they will be automatically selected as part of the active team. Simply click on [Saved Location] button on the lower-left corner to start the game!

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The top-right corner of the screen has a list of available characters which provide team buffs. See Team Buff for details.

You will begin in Startonia. A quest mail will be triggered. Click on the button on the top-right corner to open the Quest window. The first Scenario quest details ("Before starting...") tells you to follow the green arrows on the ground and talk to Nunez.

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Whenever it is needed, you may press F12 to call up the Keyboard/Mouse Help. This will show you the main commands associated with the keyboard. Close the window when you have reviewed it. Left-click on the ground to move your characters there.

The green arrows lead through a character testing area. You may left-click on the scarecrows to test your attacks and skills. You may also left-click on any of the NPCs there to get them to attack the scarecrows. All these NPCs will be recruitable later in the game.

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Once you are done testing out the characters, follow the green arrows to Nunez. He will have a [!] sign over him, indicating that he is related to a quest in progress. Left-click on Nunez to talk to him, and he will give you Soldier Character Card and 5 Microphones. You will then be sent to Reboldeaux.

In Reboldeaux, look around and go northwards to Sir Lyndon. There will be a [?] sign over him, indicating a new quest. He will explain the use of Enchantment Chips and the Shiny Crystals before giving you a few samples. Sir Lyndon will also teach you how to use the Zone Map (Alt + Z). You are then given a quest to register as a pioneer legally.

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Talk to the Pioneering Officer behind you. She will prepare the document for you, and teach you to use the Quest window (Alt + A). Next, use the zone map to find Domingo. Talk to him to get his signature on the legal document.

Return to Sir Lyndon for your quest reward, which will include Pet Box (Coco). Talk to the Pet Manager next to Sir Lyndon. Drag the Pet Box from your inventory (Alt + E) onto the window. Give the pet a name, and click on the button to add it to your Pet Window (Alt + P).

When activated via the Pet Window, Coco will slowly pick up items on the ground in non-town maps. To gain more pets, see Poppet For Pet.

Thus far, Sir Lyndon has taught you how to use the zone map, while the Pioneering Officer has explained the Quest window. Several other NPCs in Reboldeaux will teach you about the game basics, and reward you accordingly if you go through the simple tutorials.
  • Equipment Upgrading - Talk to Idge about upgrading. She will give you Boost Potion (Event) x10.
  • Equipment Crafting - Talk to Claude about crafting equipment. He will give you Progressive Health Filler (Event) x10 and Progressive Soul Filler (Event) x10. 
  • Processing Sockets - Talk to Socket Merchant about processing sockets. She will give you a random Rumin. 
  • Equipment Enchantment - Talk to Enchantment Merchant about enchantment. She will you Lv.40 Enchantment Chip.
  • Increase Quarter Slots - Talk to Domingo about increasing quarter slots. He will give you Reboldeaux Return Sheet (Event) x10.
  • Increase Shop Slots - Talk to Domingo about increasing personal shop slots. He will give you Coimbra Return Sheet (Event) x10.
  • Inter-Player Trading - Talk to Item Dealer and she will teach you how to trade and interact with other players.