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Background Story

Granado Espada Online is set in the New World, a newly discovered land away from the old hub of civilization. The back-drop is similar to the founding of America by Christopher Columbus during the Age of Discovery. See History of Granado Espada for a more detailed timeline of game events.

Discovery of the New World
Around 70 years ago, the nation of Opoluto was in economic recession due to its trade with the nation of Katai being cut off by Targa. In response, Ferruccio Espada and his assistant, Gilberto Granado, sought a new oceanic trade route across the Dark Sea to the West.

After 5 years, they finally reached an unknown land and named it Granado Espada. The new land is home to exotic species of plants and animals. Ancient ruins littered the continent. His home country, Opoluto, saw the potential of the land and began development of the New World, building the first port called Porto Bello, which was later replaced by Port of Coimbra.

Three-Year War
However, Opoluto over-extended its funding and was faced with bankruptcy. Another nation, Vespanola, cleared the national debts and annexed Opoluto and its holdings in the New World. The people of Vespanola began to migrate to Granado Espada.

The Three-Year War soon began between Bristia and Vespanola. The supplies to the New World ceased, halting all pioneering efforts. Eventually, Vespanola's Red Navy miraculously defeated the more powerful Bristia's fleet, ending the war in Vespanola's victory.

Reconquista Policy
To deal with the social problems caused by the war nobles in Vespanola, Queen Esperanza initiated the Reconquista Policy, sending them over to the New World. Thus, came the new wave of pioneers, seeking wealth, fame, and honor in the New World of Granado Espada!


xBelmontx said…
I thought the pioneers came from Orpesia? this information makes it sounds like all the pioneers hail from Vespenola, who i thought was the enemy because they were taking over Orpesia.
Ashardalon said…
Orpesia is the continent. Vespanola, Bristia, and Opoluto are countries in Orpesia.
xBelmontx said…
wah, I thought Orpesia was a country.So the pioneers hail from Opoluto?