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The following summarizes some changes from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.80.01. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

  • Added Display Bullet Number On/Off in Game Options window.
  • Modified Illusion's Magic Party Dress costume.
  • Started Elizabeth's Atelier event.

See also Preview - Armonia Final Episode. Details already mentioned there will not be repeated here.
  • Added Armonia Final Epsiode scenario and Recruit Anise quests.
  • Added new characters - Elizabeth to Lyndon Box , and Anise to recruitment quests.
  • Added Armonia El Soltado, accessible from Armonia El Templo after Dullahan Cabeza dies.
  • Modified spawn times for Lucifer Castle raid bosses.
    • Death Wraith, Stone Cortes, Mantara, Demonic Jurgen = 168 hours > 84 hours (3.5 days)
    • Arbremon, Sauterelle = 144 hours > 72 hours (3 days)
    • Key Holder = 1 hour > 30 min
    • Death Wraiths still respawn with maintenance.
  • Added new story "Ornella's Postcards" to storybook, dropping in all Armonia maps.
  • Modified weapon crafting and recipes.
    • Strata Devil Weapon - reduced Devil's Dreams from 200 to 100.
    • Evil Weapon - reduced Time Crystals from 600 to 150, but still need 2 Time Ores or 1 Time Ore + 75 Time Crystals.
    • Masterpiece, Werewolf, Ogre, Werebear, Kobold, Dullahan Weapon - reduced amount of ingredients.
    • Little Witch's Broom - modified ingredients.
    • Veronif's Diary, Old Witch's Broom - reduced time and cost.
    • Deleted recipe shops from Leonora and Sierra NPC.
    • Bristia Encyclopedia - page available from quest or buy with Ancient Runes/Enchantment Chip Veteran.
    • Combining Naraka Pieces can give Strata Devil Weapon recipe.
    • Devil's Dream now drops in Viron forests.
    • Increased amount of crests/symbols from Elohim Boxes.
    • Priest Joel refines Red Armonium Ore faster (5 hours > 30 min).
    • Reduced spawn times for Abyss Piece field bosses.
    • Reduced points to buy equipment crystals in WXPVP Shop.
    • Reduced points to buy Recipe - Kurenai from pioneer merchant shops.
    • Removed Shiny Crystal from alchemy reward.
  • Reduced prices of Enhancement Booster (50k > 10k) and Ambrosia (100k > 20k) in Feso Shop.
    • Existing items are increased by 5 times, claim from Market Cabinet.
  • Added Powder of Valeron. Use with Enhancement Boosters to be implemented later.
  • Added Enchant Scrolls. 
  • Modified and added ranking system for some missions.
    • Rank 1 = Demonic Porto Bello to Skeleton Dungeon, Al Quelt Moreza Hollow, Tetra Antiquities Chamber, St Cathrina Saloon, Corridor of Assize, Room of the Dead, Hell Breaker, Lava Leaf.
    • Rank 2 = Demonic Bahama/Sedecram/Toubkal Mine/Secret Tower, Joaquin Barrier Siege/Defense, Dead Man's Rhapsody, Vergo, Rafflesia, Lost Time of Glory, Arsene Circus.
    • Rank 3 = Demonic Occulta/Ice Tower/Sphinx/Minotauros, Frogfish Hunting Ground, Nightmare Unicorn, Leo's Room, Weird Gullfaxi, Griffon, Uraeus, Lightning Gate, Ice Gate, Inside the Crater (Sekhmet), Arsene's Secret Vault, Torsche's Basement, Citizen Rescue, Kielce Back Alley, Secret Tower.
    • Rank 4 = Demonic Medusa, Gate of Hell (Chrysalis), Cabeza de Gigante (Argus), Avernus Road, Trinity Ele Force, Joaquin Passage, Endless Greed, Garim's Nest, Joaquin Basement, Holy Water Chamber, Heaven's Altar Protection, Lord of Elements, Occulta General's Room.
    • Removed daily limits, and deleted Key Merchant in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.
    • Existing keys will be replaced by various items. For e.g., Key [Room of the Dead] will be replaced with 100 Shiny Crystals. Use Google Translate on the link above for details. I'm too lazy to type all out.
    • Removed further items required inside mission for Garim's Nest, Occulta General's Room, and Lava Leaf.
    • Moved entry point to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge for Hell Breaker and Lava Leaf.
    • Moved entry point to Bahama Base Camp for Heaven's Altar Protection and Lord of Elements.
    • Removed room restriction of Blood Navy, now doable 1/day.
    • Modified Time Paradox missions to reward 2/day.
    • Added Ambrosia and Enhancement Boosters to hard mode missions.
    • Replaced loot drops to roulette in Holy Water Chamber.
    • Added Abyss Pieces to Priest of Fear roulette.
    • Reduced HP of mobs and boss by 50% in Lord of Elements.
    • Increased Devil's Dream drop rate in Infinite Challenge.
    • Added Devil's Dream to Lift the Cursed Pattern (aka Crow Forest).
    • Modified mission difficulty for Nightmare Unicorn, Leo's Room, Weird Gullfaxi, Frogfish Hunting Ground, Demonic Porto Bello/Torsche's Mansion/Joaquin/Skeleton Dungeon.
    • Deleted Kielce Night Combat.
    • Added rank information to Mission Info Center.
    • Replaced Constellation Symbol with Abyss Piece tab in Field Raid Info window.
    • Deleted quest for entry to Secret Tower.
  • Removed Secret Guard system.
  • Renamed Ambrosia stance (?).
  • Modified Definition of Light/Darkness status.
  • Started Christmas Event and Gift of Anise Event.
  • Started crafting ingredient drop rate boost event.
  • Started weapon compensation. AR32+ Weapons crafted/rewarded/etc during the past 2 months will be compensated with an extra of the same item (blank).

  • Added new character Van .
    • Added skill rings to Ring Box of Chester.
    • Must have completed Armonia Episode 5 to start recruitment quest.
  • Reduced Shiny Crystal costs for Coimbra Nimrod Bridge missions.
  • Added AR31-32 weapon recipes to NPC merchants.
  • Modified Enchantment Chip drops based on missions ranks - Rank 1 Lv.92, Rank 2 Lv.96, Rank 3 Lv.100, Rank 4 Veteran.
  • Modified Time Paradox missions.
    • Reduced max participants from 24 to 12.
    • Reduced average amount of Time Crystals.
  • Modified Armonia scenarios.
    • Reduced Wolf/Bear kills from 100 to 50 for Episode 1.
    • Increased Werebear Mace and Bacchanalia Piece drop rates for Episode 2.
    • Increased Broken Piece of Madness drop rates for Episode 3.
    • Increased Abyss Powder drop rates for Episode 4.
  • Modified Saint Anis' Merci skill can be used only if there is a character within range.
  • Deleted mission gate for Hell Breaker in Capybara Mine Passage.
  • Started Christmas Event .


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