[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

[Sword2] Cross-World PvP Delayed

Quinzel has released some new information for Sword 2. See Cross-World PvP Arenas Update for full text.

Content Updates
Cross-World PvP Arena has been delayed to v6.3 instead. Not surprising, since many other editions did not receive it either. The early v5.0 version is supposed to be quite messed up, hence the reason for the "content lock".

On the other hand, work on localization of v6.3 has begun. G1 has also asked for v6.7.

Upcoming Events
There will be a belated Lunar New Year event, most likely it will be the same one as mentioned in Lunar New Year Event 2011. Apparently, IMC did not think that Sword 2 (regionally distributed for North America/Europe) would be familiar with "Asian" New Year. There will also be another EXP bonus event as well.