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Magic Circle XV

Magic Circle XV (Korea) is now available until April 6, 2011. Linaria Costume Set was first released in Japan's Imperial Wheel: Aug 2009.

War of Hero Costume • Claude
More Younger Wig* • Claude
Linaria Costume Set (Body Costume + Hat) • Catherine STR/DEX/INT*

Note (*): The hair for Claude is a new one. The old hair is called "Wig For Looking Young" (default English name). This new one is called "More Younger Wig". In Japan GE data tables, there are 2 Linaria costumes. The other one (ClassName: LinariaCostume_bat) is meant for Catherine the Summoner.

For more screenshots of Claude's new costume, see 끌로드 코스튬 2종 세트 ㅎ.

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