[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Russia v5.0, Taiwan Tigers, Thai Mifuyu

GE: Thailand
Thailand GE is having a cash promotion during March 2011. Top up game credit and stand a chance to win Mifuyu Card, Kurenai (AR33 Great Sword), or Kurenai Recipe. The official notice says "Mifuyu", instead of "Asoka". If it is just a renamed "Asoka", then I'd expect there to be [Sect of Moonlight] stance book as well. But there is no mention of stance book anywhere on the page. (Mifuyu uses Hanging Guard, and thus she has no need for special stance books.) See สด! ด้วยบัตรเงินสด วัน-ทู-คอล!.

New cash shop boxes have also been added. Featured drops include Dragonic Revolver, Dragonic Shotgun, and Rose Wing (30 days). See Patch Update ประจำวันที่ 21 มีนาคม 2554.

GE: Taiwan
Taiwan GE is having a cash promotion during March 24-30, 2011. Featured drops include Angel Rod (AR 33), Blue Serpent Costume (ele), and Crystal Wing (90 days). See 《天使武器第十一彈-天使權杖抽獎》. Black and White Tiger Pets were also available in a separate promotion. See 《星座寵物回饋送第一重》 and 《星座寵物回饋送第二重》.

GE: Russia
Russia GE has updated to v5.0.23 on March 09, 2011. See Обновление до версии 5.0.23.