Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 131: Prelude

Several stances were mastered this week, including Crusader for Athena (f/fig), Tested Burst for Lolita (Claire), Domination Lightning for Orpheus (Rio), Incantation for Mystra (f/wiz), and Anathema for Mystra (f/wiz). Athena (f/fig) started training Tronada Cruz stance (Lv.1 → Lv.18) after acquiring it with Symbol of Aries. While training in Bahamar Ancient Area, they also looted 6 Old Chess Pieces and 2 Snail Shells. Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Master Lv.7 while raiding Joaquin Underground Prison. Mnemosyne (Torsche) consumed more EXP Cards to reach Expert Lv.1, and acquired Death Chopping stance (Lv.1 → Lv.15) with Symbol of Capricorn.

The family took some keys from Lunar Maiden, but didn't really bother to look for the chests. The random ones the family found by accident dropped Lucky Pouches, Mystic Ampules (Event), Bunny Band (Max HP +300 for 30 days), and Full Moon Rabbit. See Lunar Maiden Drop List for a list of known rewards.

The family did the usual run of raid missions. This week's loot consisted of Symbol of Cancer and Symbol of Capricorn from Team Arena, Elite Le Blanc (Sco) Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison, Elite Le Blanc (Wiz) Recipe and Artisan's Gauntlets Recipe from Accursed Sedecram Bounty Hunt, and Symbol of Pisces from Uraeus.

The Masters also did Sharffenberger raid mission for the first time ever in order to see what is the new revised loot (v5.0) and to hopefully get the missing symbols. Including the use of Sharffenberger's Key, the total loot this time were 4 L100 items, 5 L84 elite items, Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher, Diamond Coupon, Bellem's Box, 2 Ancient Star Orb Boxes, and of course... 2 Mega Talt.

Sacharissa (Idge) and Ghae (Andre) crafted Qualified Leather Belt, Artisan's Gloves, and Artisan's Gauntlets. They still need Dragon Hearts to craft the new armor recipes though. After running through Castilla Mine many times for the past 3 weeks, the Masters finally acquired all the quest items to clear Castilla Episode 1 quests.

This week's Colony War is similar to last week's war. Phalanx clan lost 1 colony, while Schiavona clan gained 2 colonies. The colony occupants of the week are Schiavona (15), Phalanx (4), ShakeTheHeavens (2), and What (2). The family experienced 7 disconnections this week, disrupting several missions - Team Arena x1 and Castilla Mine x2.

Quest Story: Prelude
After the events in Al Quet Moreza's Holy Water Chamber (see Journal Week 97), Vincent Rio rushed to Port of Coimbra to intercept Ortega Fruholen an hour before he left for Vespanola. Vincent challenged the injured Ortega to a duel, claiming himself to be a musician and thus a combat handicap. Ortega was ashamed of the affair involving Vincent's father and that he should have refused when he came under pressure.

When Lorch arrived, Vincent claimed that this was a suicide mission. Lorch demeaned his father by saying that, in his current condition, he could not even fight Ramiro or Tiburon. Ortega called his son a "chicken" instead, worrying about how he could take care of Fruholen family and protect the kingdom as he suspected Jorgen might sell the family and kingdom away.

According to Ortega, Strata Vista's influence on the royal families of Orpesia was already showing. King Remy Bejear of Vespanola was losing his senses. The "10 Royals" (Ten Nobles?) were no more, and Montoro was "grinding his ax" on an island. These were the conspiracies of Hernandez (i.e. Catherine Torsche's adopted "father") and Strata Vista to control the fate of the world.

Vincent did not care about the fate of the world, however. Lorch offered to take up his father's burden, but Vincent asked him to get lost since if he defeat Lorch, the latter's fan girls will tear him apart.

Of course, the meddling old fool Fritz showed up and stopped the fight. Ortega claimed that Vespanola's diplomatic relations with Illier was deteriorating. Eventually, they may have to face all of Eastern Orpesia which would not accept a dictator. The rebel force of Bristia was also getting stronger, so Vespanola wished the New World to stay peaceful. Strata Vista however wanted to stir up conflict. If the son of Mayor Rio and the successor of Fruholen family were to fight and get injured, there will be conflict between Auch's Republicans and Homeland's Royalists.

Fritz convinced Vincent that his songs have more to it than revenge, and that his father rejected Strata Vista and worked to reconcile the Royalists and Republicans. His share over Leonardo Express was to help the people of the New World, but Office of Pioneering Support accused him of treason and seized his property.

Then Ortega made his finishing move, saying, "When the New World becomes quiet, come back to me for your revenge. I will then accept your revenge and pay all your travels as well. I will also sponsor all of your World Tour Concert for your big dream." Fritz offered Violakea's sponsorship as well after the problems were resolved, saying how the secret organization would then be restructured as a "Star Agency". Vincent practically creamed his pants right there and then.

And so Vincent sold his father out for concert sponsorship! (What a ho!) Ortega gave Vincent some documents of ancient songs taken from Strata Vista. The documents have 3 missing notes. Ania told him that they were found on Occulta's walls. So the family went into Occulta and mugged some kobolds to get the 3 Constellation Music Notes, and completed the Songs of the Stars. (See here for the monsters and drop rate for quest items.) The entire quest rewarded Veteran G (14m) EXP Card x3, Damaged Ancient Polish x3, and Veteran Enchantment Chip x1.

After 2 weeks, the family used Symbol of Virgo to acquire Prelude stance (Lv.1 → Lv.12) for Orpheus (Rio).