Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[GE-KR] v7.4 Preview

GE Korea has released an update preview for v7.4. All information may be subject to change before official release. See 그라나도 에스파다 - 영입 NPC 리오넬.

1. New Character: Leonele
 You must have completed Black Or White quest (regardless of which option is taken) to recruit him. His stat scores are STR 50, AGI 80, CON 40, DEX 80, INT 40, and CHA 40. Leonele starts at Lv.80, making him the highest level character to be recruited so far.

According to the anniversary sneak preview here,  his weapons are rifle, bayonet, and pistol. He uses coat (musketeer), belt, gloves, and boots. It say doesn't what kind of belt/boots/gloves, but it should be the same types used by musketeer.

His unique Expert stance is called Punisher using rifle + pistol. It has the same range as Flintlock stance, but has low accuracy and long-range skills. The other stances shown below are Freestyle Shot, Double-Gun Shot, Outrage Shot, and Standing Shot.

Edit: There was some translation confusion, as 장총 was translated as shotgun, but it should be rifle. Shotgun should be 샷건 instead. The preview does not mention bayonet, but it probably applies as well. Since it's supposed to be rifle, it makes more sense for it to be compared to Flintlock.

See here for more screenshots of Punisher skills.

2. Mercenary Faction
The mercenaries can withdraw freely without penalty, unlike Royalists or Republicans who have a quest of betrayal in order to change faction. Added titles for the mercenaries of Pegadilla.

3. Ranking System
Added a ranking system for new faction war. The reward is a Clique Battle Supply Box, which is similar in use to Level-Up Gift Box. It creates a treasure chest in town, which adds items to inventory when clicked. It vanishes after 5 minutes if not clicked.

4. Family Profiles
Added titles and rankings to family profiles. There is also some kind of random buffs involved. More medals will be available.

5. Others
Added point store for Faction Battle Zone in Reboldeaux and Auch. Added rewards for high ranking parties (aka clans). Added compensation for neutral (mercenary) parties, including 5 Expert G EXP Cards, Boost Potions (Event), etc. Added mercenary buffs which has no limit to the number, but consumes 500 reputation points each. Mercenaries are also exempted from mission costs (Elemental Jewel) for Viron missions (e.g. Clock Tower).

6. New Costumes
Added new weapon costumes for shotgun and polearm. Claude has the new Reboldeaux Spirit costume set (body + hair).

7. Viron Castle
New map under development.