Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 130: Master Crazy Emilia & Tower of Chaos

Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) continued to spend time inside Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area, eventually mastering Madness stance. Thereafter, she consumed EXP Cards to reach Master Lv.1 from Expert Lv.1. Her companions also trained their stances. Athena (f/fig) reached Master Lv.2, mastered Peltast (Lv.18 → Lv.25) and started on Crusader stance (Lv.1 → Lv.16). Likewise, Artemisia (Calyce) reached Master Lv.3, and mastered Shadow Sting (Lv.17 → Lv.25).

The family traded for a new armor, and decided to re-enchant it. After running out of Enchant Boosters, the family continued enchanting regardless and finally got DEF Rating +3 with 190 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips and 177 Enchant Boosters. The armor was successfully upgraded from +6 to +7, using 4 Lacquers +5: Veteran, 4 Lacquers +6: Veteran, and 120 Upgrade Accelerators.

Later in the week, Artemisia (Calyce) also used 40 Upgrade Accelerators and 4 Lacquers +6: Expert to upgrade her crossbow from +6 to +7. The staff and javelin had to be left at +6 for now, since they failed to upgrade to +7. All of them need to get their 2nd/3rd sockets opened too. It will just have to wait for cheaper cash shop items in the market. The family still needed to craft and finish up the polearm before it can focus on accessories like gloves, boots, belts, necklaces, and earrings.

The family raided Team Arena, Accursed Bahamar, Accursed Sedecram, Arsene's Secret Vault, Castilla Mine, Castill Relic, Torsche's Basement, and Joaquin Underground Prison. Although the new v5.0 raid missions can be done daily, the family just doesn't have the time to do all of them everyday. Besides, the common drops suck anyway. The family looted Symbol of Sagittarius and Symbol of Virgo from Team Arena, and Artisan's Gloves Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison. Other awesome loot included Pure Gold Bar and Green Rough Stone from Tempest in Castilla Relic mission.

The family revisited Uraeus mission twice, and found that the basic loot of Uraeus mission has doubled from 2 to 4 Lv.100 equipment since v4.1. There is also a chance to get Le Noir armor instead of recipe. Of course, the dumb snake still dropped Mega Talt instead of Constellation Box for the family. The materials needed for the raid had been revised to use Shiny Crystals in v5.0.15. Scale Pieces are now acquired from Wandering Peddler instead of Igorne at the cost of 200 Expedition Memos each.

After running through Castilla Temple and killing the bosses along the way, the Masters paid 2 Gold Ancient Relics to make their first visit to Castilla Tower of Chaos. More awesome Lv.84 elite items awaited the raid party from the roulette in the Tower of Chaos.

Athena (f/fig) and Artemisia (Calyce) took their new stances for a test run during Colony War. Lots of clans were targeting Phalanx clan this week, resulting in the loss of 2 colonies. The ally Schiavona, on the other hand, gained 5 colonies. Core clan gained 2 colonies, while the other 2 clans lost 1 colony each. The occupying clans this week were Schiavona (13), Phalanx (5), Core (2), What (2), and ShakeTheHeavens (1).

The family experienced a ridiculous amount of 31 disconnections/client freezes this week, disrupting several missions - Joaquin Underground Prison x1 and Castilla Mine x2. Ever since last Colony War, the game client kept freezing at the loading screen periodically, forcing the user to terminate the client. As if it wasn't annoying enough, this was usually followed by 15 minutes lock-out. Apparently, this was affecting quite a few players (see Freezing During Warping), and it was getting really annoying. Since re-equipping characters require multiple loadings of quarters and town, it usually ended freezing at the loading screen.

Dramatic Meeting: Catherine Torsche
Montoro visited Dr. Torsche and told him that his daughter Catherine Torsche is still alive. As proof, the viscount showed him a lock of blond hair. (OMG, he can recognize his daughter by a lock of hair!) Montoro made 2 demands - (1) Dr. Torsche is not to ally with Violakea, and (2) he is to return to Vespanola soon to meet the marquis.

After the meeting, Dr. Torsche started avoiding his doll "daughter" Catherine, who was a golem created as a replacement or a misguided attempt to "revive" his supposedly dead daughter. (According to the butler in the Grand Library, she died of a disease.) Doll Catherine overheard the conversation and went to the basement mentioned by Montoro. There, she found and talked to the real Catherine, who believed her father was Marquis Ernandez and refused to meet Dr. Torsche. Doll Catherine was sad that Dr. Torsche was avoiding her, but realized that he was in greater despair. So she approached the pioneering family to return to the basement with her.

In the basement, the golems attempted to kill the "traitor" doll Catherine. Then, Montoro convinced Catherine Torsche that the pioneers were "terrorists who conspired against the New World by making those dolls". Seeing the intruders as enemies of her "father", Catherine Torsche attempted to destroy doll Catherine. After being defeated, she asked to be killed instead of remaining as a prisoner. Dr. Torsche appeared and took her away.

According to Dr. Torsche, Montoro was trying to control him by putting him into despair through showing him his lost daughter who do not know him. Catherine Torsche however still did not recognize him, despite showing her the family painting, her mother's keepsake, and her toys. Ernandez was an accomplished magician, and thus his brain-washing could not be easily undone. The pioneers gave him the Holy Water recovered from Al Quet Moreza (see Sword 97: Holy Water Chamber). After refining it, he gave the Refined Holy Water to Catherine Torsche, and she recovered her real memories. Worried that she might be abducted, Dr. Torsche asked the pioneers to take Catherine Torsche into their family.

I like Doll Catherine's personality. She is so altruistic and free from jealousy and insecurity.
The entire quest rewarded Catherine Torsche Card, Expert G (27m) EXP Card x3, Damaged Ancient Polish x3, Earth Stone (10k feso) x5, and Refined Holy Water. Thus, the family took her in and named her Mnemosyne (Catherine Torsche) after the titan of memory and sister of Cronus in Greek mythology. After reaching Veteran Lv.1 by feeding on EXP Cards, she acquired Raid Assault stance using 30 Expedition Memos and 50 Shiny Crystals. Meanwhile, Cameron (Lv.58 Catherine STR) was sent off to miggies family to guide them to the basement.


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