Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Castilla Quest Items

Castilla Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 quests require certain quest items which can be acquired in Castilla Mine, Castilla Relic, and Castilla Tower of Chaos respectively. The following is a list of quest items and their drop rates based on datatable_questcheckup.ies file (v5.0).

Mission Quest Item Rate Chaos Monster
Castilla Mine Steel Ararat of Chaos Magic Stone 1/5 Steel Ararat
Castilla Mine Phobitan General of Chaos Heart 1/5 Phobitan General
Castilla Mine Basilisk  of Chaos Heart 1/5 Basilisk
Castilla Mine Chrysalist  of Chaos Claw 1/5 Chrysalis
Castilla Mine Chimera of Chaos Cranium 1/5 Chimera
Castilla Mine Argus of Chaos Backbone 1/5 Argus
Castilla Mine Skeleton of Chaos Tooth 1/5 Skeleton
Castilla Mine Dekaravia of Chaos Skull 1/8 Dekaravia
Castilla Relic Ancient Diablo Horn 1/5 Diablo
Castilla Relic Lava Leaf of Chaos Magic stone 1/5 Lava Leaf
Castilla Relic Wetis of Chaos Ax 1/5 Wetis
Castilla Relic Arito of Chaos Blunt Weapon 1/5 Arito
Castilla Relic Hadeon of Chaos Armor 1/5 Hadeon
Castilla Relic Tempest Helmet 1/5 Tempest
Castilla Tower Grief Eye 1/5 Elminor
Castilla Tower Dominator of Chaos Claw 1/5 Dominator
Castilla Tower Einschwer of Chaos Soul Stone 1/5 Einschwer
Castilla Tower Red Magic Stone 1/5 Tetrapod
Castilla Tower Blue Magic Stone 1/5 Teslacoil
Castilla Tower Black Magic Stone 1/5 Beholder
Castilla Tower Red Crystal of Chaos 1/5 Jellyfish
Castilla Tower Blue Crystal of Chaos 1/5 Hydrobomber
Castilla Tower Black Crystal of Chaos 1/5 Dark Gemini

When you have completed Episode 1, you can use the Warp Point in Castilla Garrison 1 to reach Castilla Ruins at the cost of 1 Ancient Relic Piece. When you have completed Episode 2, you can use it to reach Castilla Temple at the cost of 2 Ancient Relic Pieces.