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Target Info Settings

Renaissance (v5.0) patch brought several new in-game options to Sword 2. However, there are 2 play options which are not saved (always reset to default) when the client is closed. These in-game options are Turn Off Target Information and Hide Target Information.

To prevent the client from resetting both game options to default setting, do the following:
  1. Close the game client, if it is currently running.
  2. Open user.xml in Granado Espada\release folder with Notepad (or any text editor).
  3. Find <Config ....> and add Targetinfo="0" Targetoption="0" inside the tag. See sample below.
  4. Save and exit Notepad.
  5. R-click on user.xml file and select Properties.
  6. Under Attributes, tick Read-Only option.
  7. Click OK, and restart the game client.

<Config UseGlow="0" UseWater="1" UseCharEdge="0" RndCharToRefWater="1" UseFastLoading="1" UseEnvEffect="1" UseEnvSound="0" EffectLevel="0" CaptureFormat="1" ShowName="1" ShowMyPcGauge="0" ShowMyPcMark="1" MinimapFixNorth="1" ChatEditVisible="0" CommChatType="0" SaveStanceOnUserSquadSelect="1" MouseSensitivity="1.00" MinimapScale="1.50" UseCharLod="0" UseCharHigh="1" UseEffectHigh="1" CharCacheType="1" DevGamma="6" ResizeLevelOfTextures="1" ShowShoutType="1" ShowGameInfo="0" DrawActorPersent="56" DrawMonsterPersent="67" DisableSoundEffect="0" DisableVoiceEffect="0" DisableBGM="0" EnableNavigation="1" AutoRejectRecallFriend="0" HideZoneMoveToOthers="0" IdelLevel="0" EnableExtendedItemShortcut="1" ShowBalloon="1" BallonColor="2103863022" ShowItemCaption="1" HideItemShortcutUI="0" ItemShortcutX="202" ItemShortcutY="501" ItemShortcutSize="11" ItemShortcutVertical="0" ShowPCName="0" ShowPartyName="1" ShowOnlyOneMCC="1" ShowAchieve="0" ESCQuit="1" ShowSquadDetail="1" ArrangeQuestLevel="1" HideBattleCommand="0" Targetinfo="0" Targetoption="0" ManualSkillTarget="0" InverseCameraHor="0" InverseCameraVert="0" InverseCameraZoom="0" InfoToolTip="1" />

Normally, when Sword 2 client is closed, it will automatically save the file with the current in-game option settings. For some reasons, when it does so, the Target configurations will be removed. Therefore, steps (5) and (6) are necessary to prevent the removal. Making the file read-only will also mean other options are not automatically saved by the client, so you may have to do it manually by editing the file yourself. Alternatively, you can remove the read-only attribute, adjust your option settings in-game, then close the client. After that, re-do steps (1) to (7) above to add back the Target configurations.

The above settings leaves both Turn Off Target Information and Hide Target Information unticked. If you want to the option to be ticked instead, change the bold text above from 0 to 1.

I'm not aware of other editions having the same issues. This problem seems to be for Sword 2 clients only. I bet they will say it is a new "feature", instead of admitting it is a glitch.


Sacred said…
Thanks for the tip, I was looking how to keep the option turned off, so I can keep a look on status for bosses :)