Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 133: Valleria & Hamal's Leadership

Mnemosyne (Torsche) and Orpheus (Rio) finally mastered Death Chopping and Prelude stances inside Bahamar Ancient Area. Athena (f/fig) and Artemisia (Calyce) reached Master Lv.3 and Lv.4 while raiding, and Mnemosyne (Torsche) reached Expert Lv.2 while training stance.This raised the family to Lv.42+3.

Gilgamesh (Claude) crafted +4 The Leadership of Hamal 1S (polearm). It was upgraded to +7 with 140 Upgrade Accelerators, 3 Lacquers: Expert +5, and 6 Lacquers: Expert +6. It was enchanted with ATK + Daemon with 19 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. The 2nd socket was opened after 11 attempts.

On the other hand, +6 The Judgment of Bywn (staff) continued to fail +7 upgrade, and even repeatedly downgraded to +4! It finally became +7, after using up a total of 560 Upgrade Accelerators, 13 Lacquers: Expert +5, and 24 Lacquers: Expert +6, which cost the family about 1.7 billion vis just for the stupid upgrade. The family had to sell off several Constellation Symbols just to pay for all these cash shop items from the market. Upgrading without spending on cash shop can really drain off your in-game wealth.

The family received 5x3 Lucky Pouches, 3 Rice-Cake Soups, 1 Tradition Korean Costume Set for Elementalist, and 1 Strength Potion (Event) before the Lunar Maiden left the New World. The family did the usual raid missions whenever possible, and looted Symbol of Capricorn from Team Arena, Symbol of Aquarius and Dragon Heart Recipe from Uraeus, Elite Clarcana Recipe and Elite Ruidestencia Recipe from Secret Vault, and Artisan's Leather Gloves Recipe from Torsche's Basement. The family also looted Dragon Heart Recipe from Swamp Angler. Ghae (Andre) promptly crafted Artisan's Leather Gloves.

I haven't run into a kill-steal drama for a while. There was one this week over an Ancient King of Covetry. It was just standing there without moving or attacking, and when I hit it, it still had full hit points. Meh. Anyway, I still abide by my operational definition of "kill-steal" since 2009. See My Kill-Steal Definition for details. 

The family experienced 15 disconnections this week, wasting more Ancient Relic Pieces in Castilla Ruins and disrupting Joaquin Underground Prison raid and Colony War. The colony occupants for this week are Schiavona (15), Phalanx (7), and What (1).

Quest Story: The Lost Princess
Sir Lyndon summoned the pioneering family and said that the Republicans were being "mischievous" for investigating Prison de Joaquin, which was banned by Office of Pioneering Support and the Queen of Vespanola. Then, he asked the family to go to Prison de Joaquin, Torture Chamber and "take care" of the disloyal Republicans.

The family went there and saw a girl in a tattered clothing, who looked like Princess Gabriela, being bound to a huge phallic pillar. Enraged that they weren't invited to such a BDSM party, the family shot Testormento in the arse. After which, they activated the Power Plant to free the girl.

Later on, Sir Lyndon said she was Princess Gabriela's twin sister, Valleria, and that he knew about it all along. According to him, twin princes were once born to Vespanola Royal Family long ago. When the king died after falling off his horse, both princes began a power struggle for succession, leading the country to civil war. It wasn't clear who won the war, as the victor rewrote history to say that a high-class family rebelled against the crown. (And possibly because the victor and loser looked alike? But still... Power struggles have always been common for political succession. What's the big deal?)

Thereafter, afraid of history repeating itself, Vespanola Royal Family would hide the younger twin far away, while letting the elder twin stay on in the royal family. So Valleria was incarcerated in Prison de Joaquin. Due to the Republican investigations, Sir Lyndon felt obliged to leave her in the care of other Royalists instead. Her existence was to be kept secret, even from Princess Gabriela, on pains of making enemies of Vespanola and the Royalists. The entire quest rewarded Valleria Card and Damaged Ancient Polish x3.

So the family took the lost princess in, and named her Ishtar (Valleria) after the Babylonian goddess of love who was once imprisoned in the Underworld by Ereshkigal. Taking advantage of the EXP +50% Event for the next 2 weeks, the family trained Ishtar (Valleria) and a few other characters. Ishtar (Valleria) reached Veteran Lv.1.


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