Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 39: Cannon Trooper

The family returned to Los Toldos yet again, using up 83 Mystery Powders to farm 98 Pure Otites. With the Pure Otites left over from the previous visit, the family crafted 3 Elite Beam-Guns and 1 Elite Scythe.

The family recruited Barret (Jose) and Maimonides (m/mus). While training at Gigante Beach, they looted Ararat Summon Ring. The experts recovered Elite Camisa de Soldado, Elite Laranja e Preto, Elite Graciegote, Elite Robe of Uranus, Elite Elementalist, Elite Finisher, Dragon Hunter Bayonet, and Elite Mystic Knife from Bellem's Relics. They also hunted a few Swamp Anglers and looted Elite Albaes.

Grinding and farming were becoming boring, so instead more time was spent spamming Bellem's Boxes...