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Toy Hammer, Rainbow Shield

I was digging through jGE's website and found a few items I haven't notice before. Here are three of them...

Toy Hammer
Blunt • Veteran Exclusive • Stun 7%
Available in jGE's 6th Coimbra Shuffle (Sep 2008).

Rainbow Shield
Shield • Veteran Exclusive • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental RES +10
Available in jGE's 6th Coimbra Shuffle (Sep 2008).

Elemental Bracelet
Special Type (Lord of Elements) Bracelet • Veteran Exclusive • Lv.92 • AR 29
Available in jGE's 7th Coimbra Shuffle (Oct 2008).


Almontri said…
Lol, toy hammer. xD Everything has to have that it seems. Rainbow shield is ohsopretty! >_>
Elemental Bracelet looks nice
mooferz said…
If only the toy hammer was a two handed sword. I would use it more often.