Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

sGE 04: Huge Ass Apparition

Using the downtime for Sword of the New World, the sGE family finished the Katovic quests to recruit Gavin, Chaos Requiem quests, and Selva's recruitment quests. I was quite surprised at the size and toughness of Huge Avalanche Apparition, summoned after using 4 Ghost Nuclei. Luckily, other families came along, and nailed it together.

So finally, the family received Gavin and Selva cards, but there is no room left in the barracks. Bah. Cash shop items still cost more in sGE than in SNW (e.g. EB/UA 2.5m vs. 1m), and the family only has 100m+ vis. So poor.


Panther said…
Wow, those are quite some stats. At vet level 1 I am already at the Katovic quests, wonder if I can help to nail this beast sometime as well to continue my quests till Novia, where I am sure I cannot pass.