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SNW & sGE Comparison

Every so often, I see forum topics asking about the differences between Sword of the New World and the English version of Granado Espada. Granado Espada is an online game with many different localized editions. (I won't use the word "version" to avoid confusion with game content versions, like v3.2.) For localization, see sGE's Localization Insider: In-Game Text and Capturing the Character.

There are currently 2 English editions of the same game, i.e. Sword of the New World (SNW) and Singapore Granado Espada (sGE). Since I have played both editions before, I will write on the similarities and differences between them.

  • Both editions get their updates from IMC, so the game contents are mostly the same. A lot of decisions seem to require the approval of IMC.
  • Both editions use English language for game interface. However, it is common for some sGE players to communicate in Tagalog or Mandarin. SNW players tend to stick with English, although sometimes Spanish and other European languages are used.
  • Both editions do not have IP restrictions, so anyone from anywhere in the world can play.
  • Both editions are free-to-play, supplemented by cash shop.
  • Both editions have 2 PK servers and 1 Non-PK server (i.e. Orpesia in SNW, Rembrandt in sGE).
  • You may not transfer stuffs (e.g. characters, items, cash shop credits) between game editions or between servers of the same edition.

  • Different companies run the game services. SNW is managed by K2, while sGE is managed by IAHGames. Both have their own websites and forums. See Sword of the New World and Singapore Granado Espada.
  • The game servers have different locations. SNW servers are in USA, while sGE servers are in Singapore. This also means they have different server time: PST (SNW) and GMT+8 (sGE), as well as different weekly maintenance periods and server stability. Also, SNW servers are apparently powered by hamsters (see here).
  • SNW targets players in USA and Europe, while sGE targets players in Southeast Asia and Oceania. However, both do not restrict players from other regions.
  • The two editions use different voice actors/actresses for the characters' sound effects. (The sound effects files are replaceable, but doing so is technically illegal.)
  • SNW is currently still v2.9.1, while sGE is currently v3.2. A higher version means more game content (e.g. items, quests, maps, raids, UPC/RNPC). See sGE's Version Updates.
  • Names of characters, monsters, items, maps, and concepts are sometimes different. For example, Fengling (sGE) = Soso (SNW), Swamp Frogfish (sGE) = Swamp Angler (SNW), Bracelet of Three Kings (sGE) = Bracelet of Great Soul (SNW), Bahama Swamp of Darkness (sGE) = Bahamar Marsh (SNW), and Faction (sGE) = Clan (SNW).
  • Personal shop (both vis and feso types) has been removed from in-game menu in SNW, but is available in sGE.
  • A new SNW family starts with 15 character slots, while a new sGE family starts with 9 character slots in the quarter/barrack.
  • Emilia the Sage is nerfed (INT 7) in sGE, but not in SNW (INT 8). Other characters are the same, not accounting for version updates.
  • Both editions have their own in-game events, e.g. Christmas events. For 2008 Christmas events, see K2 Christmas Gifts and GE Christmas 2008.
  • Bot Report function is currently disabled in SNW, but not in sGE. (This function has caused frustrations for some legit sGE players who do not have the correct firewall/router/anti-virus settings, since they are faced with a verification request when the alpha-numeric picture failed to load. See sample screenshot.)
  • The AM in SNW announced themselves with server-wide notices when they come online or go offline periodically, so players can message them with issues (e.g. botters, server not found). The GM in sGE usually do not do so, except for in-game events.
  • The cash shops use different cash credits, i.e. G-Points (sGE) and Gold (SNW). The cost of items are also different. See Cash Shop Comparison. Some items and packages are not available in the other edition, e.g. Pet Bonding Package (sGE).
  • The feso shops also have different items for sale, but most of them are the same now.
  • Microphones and megaphones are no longer available for purchase from NPC in sGE (moved to cash shop instead), but are still available in SNW.
  • Adelina's Booty Search (essentially a cash shop gambling service) is available for sGE. SNW has no ABS-equivalent at the moment.
  • SNW players can pay for premium services, which used to provide Mystery Boxes. The boxes however were tentatively removed due to duplication problems (no ETA on restoration as yet). There are no such boxes in sGE at the moment.
  • The markets have different prices due to in-game economics. Currently, Rembrandt server (sGE) is having vis shortage, so in-game item prices have dropped a lot since I last wrote about it here. On the other hand, Orpesia server (SNW) is having inflation, so prices for most items have doubled or tripled. However, cash shop items are still cheaper in Orpesia than in Rembrandt, although the opposite is true for other items (e.g. Lv.100 weapons, enchantment chips). For prices in Bristia server (SNW), see Journeys Through Granado Espada: Economy. No information is available for other servers.
  • Family name, character name, and character gender can be changed in sGE via the Royal Service by using cash shop credits (G-Points). This is not yet available in SNW.
  • EXP rates are different. See Beth EXP Test.
  • Internet Cafe Premium Buff is available for sGE players who play at selected CyberCafes. The buff grants 20% more EXP and item drop rate, free access to Forgotten/Ancient Territory maps, and special access to Hidden Ancient Territory located in Ustiur Zona Tres (near the entrance of Skeleton Dungeon). This buff is not available in SNW (perhaps due to no participating cafes), although the warp gate to Hidden Ancient Area is there in Ustiur Zona Tres.
  • In SNW, +5 upgrade has a 1% fail rate even when 20 upgrade accelerators are used. See here. In sGE, 20 enhancement boosters ensures a guaranteed success. See Power of the Glow. (I don't think 1% fail rate is a feature, since IMC never designed a lacquer/impervium for +4 to +5. It is probably a bug that K2 refused to fix.)
  • Character levels are publicly displayed above the character names in SNW, but not in sGE.
That's all I can think of for now...

Edit: Added 1% fail rate for +5 upgrade in SNW. Added displayed character levels.

For foreign players of sGE, you can buy cash shop credits online at OffGamers and MOL. These are the more reputable sites often recommended in the forums. For example, see here and here. You can also use VISA to top-up directly at IAHGames.


Fiksdotter said…
Honestly its really nice to be not that updated. Because most of the players in our server was having a hard time of catching up. Yup it is true sGE has a rich content because we are like 1 installment late though do you think for a small time frame you can achieve everything in such short time frame? Good comparison about SOTNW and sGE.

Fiksdotter of,
shinelight said…
good i know a lot more how ge compares to sonw...thks again
btw, u active in ge or sonw? which server?
YS said…
about the 1% fail,

there is an official fix for that bug, but SNW can't patch it since that fix is content of 3.2 update.