Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Coimbra Shuffle!! 19-26 May 2009

The Coimbra Shuffle!! for jGE has updated its loot table for 19-26 May 2009. You can view close-up screenshots at the website itself during the promotion period. JavaScript must be enabled.

Dragon Rapier is a AR32 rapier with ATK 201 and Fire ATK +30. Dragon Dagger is a AR32 dagger with ATK 190 and Fire ATK +30. Elite Capybara Saw is a AR30 great sword with ATK 418 and +20% ATK vs. Wild Beasts. All 3 weapons are Veteran Exclusive.

Other loots include Serpent Revolver (AR32), Golden Damascus (AR32), Silver Striker (AR30), Elite Bone Frame Armor (DR28), Elite Dragon Coat (DR28), and Devil Wings (30-days).


mooferz said…
That ele hair is really nice.

Adelina's costume is fucking HORRIBLE. lol
Dante said…
at least we should cover up Adelina's Head Gear with 'Basic Adelina Hair'