[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

SNW 38: About His Great Sword...

Anahita (f/sco) found her 16th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1: Assassin Dagger, Elite Imperial Shooter, and Elite Bracelet of Pluto. She stayed on to train Visca (Bernelli) and loot some Lv.84-88 chips. Another treasure hunt failed, as Erisia family found it... and it was Bracelet of Behemoth.

The experts entered Bellem's Relics several times and retrieved Elite Kaladbolg x2, Elite Sniper Rifle, Elite Broinac x2, Elite Imperial Shooter, Dragon Hunter Bayonet, Sword Breaker, Elite Graciegote, Elite Plate, and Elite Striform x2. After using 8 chips on one of the Elite Striforms, it became enchanted with Evasion +10 Mental RES +13 DEF Rating +3.

The family dismissed Gracielo and recruited Candide (Lorch), Mirajane (Lisa), and Daedalus (Yeganeh). During his recruitment quest, Yeganeh gave the family a Lv.24 Yeganeh's Greatsword. The irony is that Yeganeh cannot use great sword at all.

Since the family needed more fake uniques for Lv.92 elite weapons, Jack led a team to do several low-level missions alone. They acquired Pollux Guard x2, Castor Sword, Blue Rough-Stone, Covering Fire Ring, Penta-Train Ring, Sasha Control Ring, Golden Coupon x2, and Key [Tetra Treasure Chamber] from 5 Lv.1 Interchange missions. They also completed 10 Lv.2 Highway missions and acquired Beam-Gun, Takion Summon Ring, Slash Down Ring, Mission: Highway Lv.2, Golden Coupon x2, Bellem's Box, and Key [Porto Bello St. Catherina Saloon].