Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 37: Expert Gilgamesh

The family continued to stay in Bahamar Marsh to kill snails. They hunted a few Swamp Anglers, but no good recipe drops so far. While doing so, the family had their first encounter with the Swamp Silurian (aka Swamp Merman Eater), which dropped a few chips.

They returned to Frozen Wastes and ran into another Silurian... this time, the arctic version. The beast killed the family while AFK. And when the team returned, Core clan was engaging it. Again, it dropped only a few Lv.92 chips. Pathetic. (Apparently, Lv.92 chips are the best thing you can get from them, until v3.0. See here.)

As the team continued to AFK-grind there, they looted a Concentration Ring, Bronze Whistle, and Silver Controller: Attack x2. Then finally, Gilgamesh (Claude) became the family's 4th expert.

More pathetic drops followed after killing an Elmorc for a Lv.80 clean armor, 1 pure gold bar, and good beef... But at least, an entry into Bellem's Relics yielded Elite Laranja e Preto and Elite Arondight. With Erisia's help, the family farmed another 2 Amethyst Fragments, leaving another 15 more to go. K2's servers seem to be having a fit again. Bellem's Relics was inaccessible a few days ago, and according to other players, so are certain maps/channels.