Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 36: Visiting Caebolan

Gilgamesh (Claude) gained another 3% EXP in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area for the last few hours of the 7-day pass. The family ventured into Caebolan (aka Tierra de Putrefacta) to start on the quests, farming 3 Amethyst Fragments and 1 Silver Earring Recipe. Active farming for amethyst is a pain due to low drop rate, while AFK farming is almost impossible since the characters tend to die fairly quickly if left on their own. Getting stuck at the quest is starting to make me bored of the game again. I wish they would stop making quests dependent on end-game equipment.

In any case, they also spent some time in Bahamar Marsh and looted their 8th Snail Shell, Death Blow Ring, and Hill Giant Summon Ring. The family tried to buy a wizard Le Noir for Alustriel (ETS), but couldn't keep up with the bid. The extra Elite La Ventisca was traded to an ex-clan mate who seemed to want it desperately, although it ended up being more trouble than it was worth, since the traded items have to be sold off individually again. (Note to self: Don't get pressurized into unwanted deals by acquaintances, especially when sleepy.)

After spamming 15 keys, the family looted Bracelet of Great Soul, Grim-Wraith, Shaft Hammer x2, Pizarro, Elite Plate, Elite Ring Mail, Elite Alegrias, Elite Albaes, and other assorted Lv.84 elite weapons. Two keys however were wasted. Thanks to a mass disconnection from server and a power failure caused by a lightning strike... both happening on the same day. Lame. Also, Anahita (f/sco) failed at the treasure hunt this week. In fact, everybody failed. Nobody found the damned thing... twice.